The hottest stone table broke children's hands, an

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A hundred Jin stone table broke children's hands, and the number of children with hand trauma in Nanjing Pediatrics increased

recently, there are particularly many patients with hand trauma. In addition to the elevator crush injury reported by the media some time ago, many hands were crushed, and some were scratched by knives. Some of these children can recover after surgery, while others may have amputations, leaving lifelong disabilities. " Lin Gang, deputy chief physician of the Department of orthopaedics of Nanjing Children's Hospital, said that since February, the Department of orthopaedics of Nanjing Children's hospital has seen patients with hand trauma almost every day, with a maximum of three patients being treated in one day

On the evening of February 21, Qianqian, a small patient from Ma'anshan, came to the orthopedic emergency department of Nanjing Children's hospital. When she came to the hospital, the child's left index finger was wrapped layer by layer with gauze. After opening the gauze, the doctor on duty found that the top of the child's left index finger was divided into two by a sharp tool, and only a few skin were connected together. After asking the parents, I learned that in the afternoon, the child's mother bought sugarcane for her family and talked to them while cutting it. When the sugarcane was cut in half, the 6-year-old daughter grabbed the cut end and wanted her mother to cut it first for herself. Unexpectedly, the careless mother didn't notice her daughter's small hand. A knife more than 20 cm long suddenly scratched at the child's fingers

after two hours of surgery by the orthopedic doctor of Nanjing Children's Hospital, with the development of science and technology, my fingers were successfully sutured. After two days of observation, the blood circulation of the child's fingers is good, and he can recover after a period of treatment

the stone table broke the child's hand

ruiruirui in the same ward was not so lucky. On February 2, it was easy to interact with the electrolyte and produce gas precipitation in the process of charging and discharging cycle reaction. On February 0, ruiruirui came to his relatives' house to pay New Year's greetings. Several friends had not seen each other for a long time and soon became a mess. At 4 p.m., there was a scream in the yard. After rushing out of the door, parents found that the top of a stone table in the yard fell off, and Ruirui's right hand was pressed under the table. It turned out that several children climbed onto the table while playing, and when they jumped from it, they overturned, and the stone desktop suddenly hit little Ruirui below. After finding the accident, the parents rushed over immediately and hurriedly removed the stone table. "The stone table is very heavy, at least more than 100 kilograms, and two adults can carry it away." Ruirui's father said

when the child's small hand was taken out, the palm had been smashed and blurred, especially the child's ring finger, index finger and middle finger had been seriously deformed. Some parents sent the child to the local hospital for emergency treatment and then to the orthopaedics department of Nanjing Children's hospital. "The fingertip of the injured finger of the child's right hand has been blackened after delivery. After the operation, the broken finger and muscle have been stitched up, but due to the time delay, the child's fingers have little hope of survival." Lin Gang, deputy chief physician of orthopaedics department of the hospital, said with regret

three reminders of hand trauma

director Lin reminded that when children have hand trauma, the following three points can reduce the injury:

first, stop bleeding immediately to the injured hand, but the pressure testing machines mainly include capacitive pressure testing machine and dispersed silicon pressure testing machine. Use clean gauze, towels and other clean soft fabrics to simply wrap the wound and then press to stop bleeding

second, for severed fingers or hands, they should be elastic and suitable. After simple treatment, they should go to the nearest doctor. The severed finger or hand can be immediately wrapped with clean fabric and placed in a plastic bag for refrigeration, and then sent to a hospital with replantation technology together with the wounded

third, give good braking and fixation to the injured hand. If it cannot be fixed, the sharp corner of the broken end of the fracture may aggravate the injury of important blood vessels or nerves due to gravity traction, vibration of the means of transportation, and torsion of the limbs during the transfer of the injured person. On site, local materials should be used to properly fix the injured limb by using existing wood, bamboo, cardboard, iron or plastic plates, etc., so as to prevent new damage during transportation

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