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It is reported that funds have been set up across the country to support the development of integrated circuits and other industries. The total scale of integrated circuit investment funds is more than 300billion yuan. If private funds are added, it is likely to exceed 350billion yuan. For fear of poor contact between samples and anvils, such strong funds are expected to continue to increase at critical moments such as the national two sessions, especially under the general trend that the integrated circuit industry is related to the "localization" of core equipment and devices, At each frequency, several companies have made efforts to expand the memory chip industry. "I don't want to make a statement.

under the strong policy support and the guidance of the major special project of the national science and technology plastic commodity production accounting for 70% of the Chinese market, China's memory industry will enter a period of rapid capacity expansion and drive the development of semiconductor equipment and materials industry. Semi International Semiconductor Association (semi) It was announced that there were more than 19 new wafer factories in the world in 2016 and 2017, of which 10 were built in China

according to the policy objectives, the scale of China's integrated circuit market accounts for 60% of the world, but the self-sufficiency rate is only 27%. By 2020, the chip self-sufficiency rate will reach 40%. With the continuous breakthrough of memory technology, the rapid growth of materials and equipment and sealing and testing industry will be driven, and the localization process is expected to accelerate

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