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Advantages of using spare rubber blanket

in the printing rubber blanket market, many domestic printing brush enterprises can be used in turns as spare parts. They don't care whether it is a domestic brand or an international brand. At present, the performance of some domestic rubber blanket products has reached or exceeded that of foreign products. For a large number of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, they pay more attention to the price of blanket and the durability in the use process. It is better not to use reductants. Reductant has a very significant effect on restoring the elasticity of printed rubber blanket. Not only 9. Power supply of pressure control system: AC220V this machine has simple operation and 1.5KW. At present, there are 33500 employees in the world. The time is fast and the effect is remarkable. In the past, it was common for many enterprises to consume two boxes of reductant a week. The price of reductant is not expensive. It used to be 13 yuan a bottle, but later it was reduced to 78 yuan a bottle

but at the moment of advocating green printing, it is best not to use reductants, because it contains a large number of benzene compounds, which are highly carcinogenic and very harmful to the health of printing workers. Now many enterprises have not used reductants, but some enterprises are still using them

at least two sets of blanket shall be prepared. After a piece of blanket has been printed for 1.5 million to 2 million, according to the relevant process requirements, it must be removed from the machine and replaced with a new blanket to prevent affecting the printing quality of the printed matter

xumaoqing, chairman of Shanghai Xinxing printing equipment Co., Ltd., said that there is no reductant in foreign countries. American printing enterprises generally use three sets of rubber blanket, one is in use, one is just used up and left aside, and one is for standby. Their rubber blanket can be restored automatically in 24 hours to 48 hours, and so can German printing enterprises

Yin Youfang, a printing expert, said that when buying a printing machine, domestic printing enterprises had better prepare two sets of blanket, one for use and one for standby

keep the spare blanket. The main raw material of rubber blanket is rubber, which is easy to be oxidized. Therefore, it is best to store it in a cool and dry environment away from heat sources

Yin Youfang said that when storing the spare blanket, it is best not to expose it to the sun to prevent the blanket from aging and affecting its service life. For qualified enterprises, the place where the blanket is stored should be ventilated. Do not press heavy objects on the blanket, and do not roll it into a barrel for storage, otherwise its surface flatness will be affected

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