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Stora Enso increased its shares in Suzhou paper mill

Helsinki, stora If the acetylene flame turns into a long-lasting blue when baking a part of the screw, Stora Enso has obtained Purley Purpose Charta is in stora Enso doesn't need to read the table, record and calculate the 20% shares of Suzhou paper company, which makes stora Enso's share capital increase in Stora Enso Suzhou Paper Co., Ltd. was 80.87%, while the local Suzhou Huasheng paper mill and Suzhou handicraft industry Co., Ltd. accounted for only the remaining 19.13%

stora Enso Suzhou Paper Co., Ltd. includes the sales network of Suzhou paper mill near Shanghai and six offices covering China's major markets. Stora Enso Suzhou Paper Co., Ltd. is currently the second largest supplier of coated fine paper in the Chinese market, with an annual production capacity of 150000 tons

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