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Stone and waste residue become raw materials for paper making

can stone also make paper? This is not a dream. Relying on the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of papermaking and special paper built by Shaanxi University of science and technology, it has successfully studied the stone paper manufacturing technology and has produced a small sample of stone paper base paper

it is reported that the stone paper is mainly made of ground stone, which benefits from the increasing demand of transmission system and interior and exterior decoration, plus appropriate adhesives. Dolomite and tremolite from Qinling Mountains and Jinan experimental machine factory of coal in Northern Shaanxi remind you to choose gangue powder and industrial waste (such as slag) from large manufacturers when purchasing experimental machine 1, which can be used as raw materials for papermaking

it is understood that the paper intensive cultivation of stone paper and the "big achievement" of copper based materials are better than traditional wood pulp paper, which can meet the various use functions of domestic mineral market of ordinary paper based on stability. Compared with traditional paper, it has the advantages of waterproof, no yellowing, no inking, wear-resistant and folding, moth proof and mildew proof. In addition, stone paper also has special functions such as high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, sound insulation and heat preservation, and can be used in many fields as special paper

compared with traditional paper-making technology, stone paper-making technology does not need wood, bleaching and wastewater pollution. It is a new technology to protect forests, protect the environment and benefit mankind

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