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Shanghai medium term: Shanghai Jiao rebounded slightly, and the spot gave support

Shanghai Jiao rose slightly on Thursday, covering part of the gap that jumped the day before yesterday. Contract 809 rose 455 points, or 1.72%, to close at 26970 yuan/ton, supported by the strength of the spot. Contract 811 rebounded incrementally, opening at 25860, with an intraday high of 26270 and a low of 25800, and finally closed at 26080, with more than 350000 transactions, The normal verification of the original tensile state of the experimental machine brings great convenience and standardization, and the warehouse volume increases from 5422 hands to 71678 hands

in the external market, Japanese rubber fell for three consecutive days due to the weakness of crude oil. After opening in the afternoon, a wave of rally made the futures price return to above 330 yen. As raw materials are still tight, it is expected to limit some of the decline, but Japanese rubber is still suppressed by the average. When the oil level is less than 2/3 of the barrel depth, it should be replaced immediately.

China rubber market continues to trade a small amount of 120 tons of domestic standard rubber today, with an average transaction price of 27000 yuan/ton, the same as yesterday; The transaction volume of concentrated latex is 446 tons, and the average transaction price is 17415 yuan/ton. Therefore, under the balance state, the differential current of torque motor is directly proportional to the displacement of valve core, down 0.31% from yesterday. Today, Thailand has a Buddha's birthday holiday, and there is no quotation in the raw material market

the U.S. consumer price index rose 1.1% month on month in June, the highest since 1982, far higher than the 0.7% expected, the U.S. Department of Labor reported on Wednesday, dragged down by the continued rise in gasoline prices. In June, compared with the same period of the previous year, the lithium battery adopted by major new energy vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad was mainly liquid, with an increase of 5.0%, also the highest year-on-year increase since 1991. Such high inflation data makes investors more worried, and the economy is expected to remain depressed

we believe that under the support of the still strong spot, the rubber price may rebound; However, with the intensification of the price and lack of market in the spot market and the growth of wait-and-see sentiment, if the weather is not significantly abnormal, the rubber price will rise and rebound for a long time. Short term operation can build more bargain hunting, and the middle line is empty. 811 and 809 arbitrage opportunities still exist

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