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Shanghai medium term: crude oil may improve Clariant's average profit margin, and Shanghai Jiaotong will suffer pressure.

under the market expectation that the destructiveness of Hurricane Gustav may not be as strong as the previous expectation, crude oil will significantly return to perform its duties seriously, affecting the decline of many varieties in the commodity market. The main force of Shanghai Jiaotong fell 745 yuan to close at 22320 today, with a slight increase in positions. The trading volume is still only more than 280000 hands, and the wait-and-see atmosphere continues. In the external market, Japanese gum was also dragged down by crude oil, and the selling actively led to a sharp fall in the short opening of Japanese gum, and the futures price of Japanese gum fell back to around 313 yen

on the spot market, 527 tons of concentrated latex were traded in the domestic chinarubber market today, with an average transaction price of 15496 yuan/ton, while 198 tons were traded in the No. 5 milk standard, and the average transaction price was reduced to 26624 yuan/ton, far lower than the 27006 yuan yesterday of the gadget that destroyed its sealing. Although no deal has been made for No. 5 standard glue for many days, the recent price has begun to fall slightly

the political situation in Thailand has further deteriorated, and relevant people are worried that the unrest will continue or affect the shipment and transportation in Thailand. However, as strikes mostly occur in Bangkok, the main quality and efficiency in southern Thailand have been greatly improved. The production area of natural rubber (22320, -660.00, -2.87%, bar) has not been affected much, so it has not had a bad impact on the natural rubber market at present

we believe that the fundamentals of Shanghai Jiaotong are short, and there is pressure from the weakening of crude oil, which limits the rebound market. However, due to the unstable political situation in Thailand and the variable weather, it is suggested that Shanghai Jiaotong should still wait and see in light positions in the near future

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