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Shanghai packaging industry survey report (VI)

III. policy recommendations

the development of the packaging industry is restricted by the changes and impacts of economy, science and technology and social humanities. In the face of the rapid and sustainable development of China's economy and the great distinction between China and the world manufacturing center, Shanghai should not only meet the supporting needs of industrial products in quantity, but also adapt to the development needs of the times in many aspects, such as internal quality and shape design. To sum up, the relevant policy recommendations for future development are as follows:

(I) promote a new round of development of the packaging industry with scientific and technological progress

1. Packaging design as an original technology. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are innovative industries with low independent innovation ability and few high-level and personalized special varieties, which have an endless development theme

we must pay enough attention to promote its industrialization and marketization. Attaching importance to product packaging design is of great significance to improve the added value of products, but genomatica can flexibly use various raw materials to participate in international market competition and develop the packaging industry. Shanghai should continue to consolidate and develop the packaging design industry, which has established 40 design enterprises and institutions, and make positive contributions to the development and improvement of product packaging

2. Strengthen the continuing education and on-the-job training of employees in the packaging industry, and take the following measures to enrich and standardize:

(1) packaging designer is a new profession with national vocational standards recently issued by the Ministry of labor and social security. The establishment of qualification certification system for packaging designers will help to improve the level of packaging designers and standardize the packaging design market

(2) establish regulations on qualification certificates for packaging managers and packaging managers (refer to the current regulations in Japan); We can cooperate with domestic and foreign packaging groups to improve the level of packaging management personnel

(3) establish labor skill training for packaging and printing, etc

3. Establish national, provincial and municipal packaging research centers

(1) it is suggested to establish a Chinese packaging research center

(2) establish provincial or municipal packaging research centers in areas with relatively developed packaging industry

(3) in response to provincial and municipal packaging research centers, set up packaging professional R & D departments in larger packaging industry groups or large product production companies. Not only for the unit, but also for the product packaging research and development of the system

4. Establish packaging and design, timely disseminate and release packaging and printing production technology information, timely communicate with domestic and foreign packaging peers, generate interaction, and promote common cooperation and common development

(II) adjust the industrial structure, integrate industry advantages, develop the packaging industry

1. Continue to consolidate and implement the successful mode of corrugated box collaborative production of "centralized board making and decentralized box making", give play to the advantageous role of corrugated board line, and improve the overall quality level of the industry

2. Organize and develop the production of micro corrugated boxes and boxes, and improve the lightness and fineness to meet the needs of new consumption trends

3. Establish the overall concept of the packaging industry. Pay attention to inter regional coordination and cherish the interaction and cooperation of surrounding areas. While attaching great importance to the industry coordination, communication and coordinated development in the Yangtze River Delta, we should pay attention to the development of the packaging industry in the central and western regions, and give necessary technical guidance and strength assistance, so that it can synchronously move towards the ideal realm of a powerful packaging country

(III) adhere to the "white governance and green promotion", promote green packaging, promote "appropriate packaging"

1, "green packaging" is a packaging material that meets the conditions of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation. It is a systematic project in the packaging industry to follow the long-term goal of implementing the sustainable development strategy in Shanghai. We should vigorously explore the universality of green packaging materials, mobilize scientific and technological personnel to explore from raw materials, equipment, processes and other aspects, mobilize the strength of the whole society, strengthen publicity, raise awareness, and jointly participate in the verticality, so as to achieve the innovation, production, promotion and use of green packaging

2. Strengthening packaging recycling is one of the important measures to save resources and one of the effective measures to control "white pollution". It should be recognized that no matter what color of waste materials, including degradable or non degradable plastic packaging materials, they will cause environmental pollution if they are discarded at will. The recycling rate of disposable plastic lunch boxes in Shanghai has reached 70%, and there is basically no serious white pollution in the urban streets. It can be seen that the treatment effect of recycling is to advocate the production and use of green packaging in the future, while strengthening the recycling (or reuse) of packaging waste. In addition to the new treatment technology of social waste, multiple departments work together in various ways, cooperate with public opinion publicity, and obtain the full support and cooperation of the broad society, so as to continuously consolidate and expand the achievements of packaging waste recycling

3. As soon as possible, the government and associations should organize research and formulate differentiated, moderate, reasonable and feasible "appropriate packaging" management methods, and contact the media to vigorously publicize and jointly implement them

4. According to the Japanese experience, the government departments can organize the Promotion Committee to control the excessive packaging and the reduction of packaging, vigorously promote this work, establish a good atmosphere of diligence and thrift in the whole society, and save packaging resources

(IV) attach importance to the research of transportation packaging and vigorously develop the transportation packaging industry

after a delegation to the Japan baling Industry Association and factories, I felt very deep. At present, China's transportation packaging has lagged behind Japan for decades. With the globalization of economy and the rapid development of modern logistics, the packaging of modern logistics will be challenged, and a logistics packaging revolution is about to appear. The baling reform in Japan 40 years ago will also promote the reform of transportation and packaging in modern China. The traditional factory packaging mode will disappear with the development of modern logistics, and a new transportation packaging, one-stop packaging mode, will appear instead. This will greatly reduce the packaging cost of enterprises and improve the efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, it is very urgent to pay attention to the research of transportation packaging and vigorously support the development of transportation packaging industry

(V) establish a comprehensive packaging platform and window

use the opportunity of new economic development to face the international market and carry out industrial agglomeration of the packaging industry. Continue to support the successfully established Shanghai International Packaging and Printing City, start all functions as soon as possible, give play to the efficiency of information network and logistics service mechanism, give play to the exemplary role of the new cluster of the packaging industry, and make new contributions to the development of the packaging industry

(VI) improve the quality of packaging professional associations and give full play to the functions of industry associations

with the transformation of the functions of government departments and the new round of economic development, we should quickly strengthen the integration, coordination and service links of the whole packaging industry - packaging industry associations. According to its professional characteristics, carry out services to promote the industrial structure adjustment of the packaging industry and enhance the international competitiveness of the packaging industry. As the propagandist and implementer of government policies and the service provider of industrial enterprises, we should do industrial events that cannot be carried out by a single enterprise and represent the overall interests of Shanghai packaging industry. Organize enterprises in the whole industry to stride forward in the journey from a big packaging country to a powerful packaging country

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