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Shanghai paint factory accelerates the R & D and promotion of water-based non-toxic toy paint

the "eye" brand water-based toy paint of Shanghai paint factory appeared on the "9th China International Toy Exhibition", marking that the factory caters to the world environmental protection trend and promotes the pollution-free green environmental protection toy paint with water as solvent to the market

the production and export of toys in China ranks first in the world. There are more than 8000 toy manufacturers in China, and more than 70% of the products are exported. However, most of the coatings used are solvent based, which can no longer meet the future needs of the international market. In 2007, foreign media reported that China's toy paint exported to the United States contained lead and other excessive problems, and a large number of toys produced in China would be recalled worldwide. Zhejiang plans to exceed trillion yuan in annual output value of new materials in 2022. Plastic laboratory machines have aroused great repercussions through conditioning at different speed levels, and many parents are also worried about the safety of toys around their children

from a crisis of toy manufacturers, Shanghai manufacturing factory saw the trend of the world's environmental protection trend and the market opportunity, "eyes" on the pollution-free green environmental protection water-based toy paint. Therefore, the factory has accelerated the technical research and development and product marketing of water-based non-toxic toy paint series products. On the one hand, it has established a research group of water-based non-toxic toy paint. On the basis of the accumulation of the original water-based paint technology, it will improve the performance according to the needs of customers and carry out technical research and development in a directional manner. According to the market survey, the factory takes the water-based two-component toy paint as the key direction of market development. On the other hand, we actively cooperate with scientific research departments to take water-based one component toy paint as the key research and development direction of the product market through the introduction and digestion of technology, so as to quickly form production capacity. The sales department actively carried out product advertising in the areas where toy manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are concentrated, and actively carried out product publicity through local television stations, roadside billboards, stations and other media, accelerating the application and promotion of water-based non-toxic toy paint

at the "9th China International Toy Exhibition" this year, the color board of the factory's water-based toy paint attracted many toy manufacturers and merchants across the country. At present, the factory has formed a production capacity of water-based toy paint, and officially provides water-based toy paint products to some toy manufacturers

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