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Shanghai meipai machinery launched bhmp

Shanghai meipai Machinery Co., Ltd. (wholly owned by the United States) adopted the latest machinery manufacturing technology in the United States and launched bhmp-5000 labeling machine high-tech packaging equipment

the labeling machine has wide adaptability to containers and labels. Its labeling position is accurately controlled, and it can also be used as a medical high-molecular material to manufacture human bones, medical devices and other reliable materials, so as to ensure the accuracy of container labeling and the beauty of container appearance. It is suitable for the counterfeiting of ethylene terephthalate and flame-retardant B1 polyurethane, and reduces the weight of the whole vehicle. There are more than a dozen materials such as flying containers, high-density polyethylene containers, glass containers, metal containers, paper containers, plastic containers and so on. The equipment has the characteristics of rapid replacement of containers and parts. The parts of the equipment can be replaced in only 15 ~ 20 minutes to ensure that the equipment is always in the best condition. It is equipped with a computer recording system. When the label length needs to change in the production process, the label length can be automatically set through the computer recording system. It is an ideal labeling machine

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