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The Secretary and mayor of Shanghai municipal Party Committee visited FANUC robot

in November 2010, FANUC robot once again appeared in the main entrance of hall E1 of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center in a yellow and bright image, presenting a visual feast of intelligent robots to the audience of the 2010 Industrial Expo

on the morning of November 9, Mr. Yu Zhengsheng, Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, and Mr. Han Zheng, mayor of Shanghai, visited the FANUC booth and expressed appreciation and affirmation for the achievements made by FANUC robot on the spot. Mr. Xu Jianguo, chairman of Shanghai Electric Group, and Mr. Qian Hui, general manager of Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd., accompanied the visitors

the presence and guidance of Yu Zhengsheng, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Mayor Han Zheng, brought great encouragement to Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. Qian Hui, general manager, said on the spot that he would not only do a good job in this exhibition, but also make continuous efforts to improve Shanghai FANUC's ability to serve the country, so as to contribute to the realization of factory automation reform in China's manufacturing industry and the promotion of industrial structure upgrading, At the same time, it also makes its own efforts to cultivate more professionals in industrial robot technology in China

as shown in the above figure: first from the left: Yu Zhengsheng, Secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee; Third from the left: Mayor Han Zheng of Shanghai

fourth from the left: Xu Jianguo, chairman of Shanghai Electric Group; Second from the left: Qian Hui, general manager of Shanghai FANUC robot, carried a historical mission in the past. In fact, the birth of Shanghai FANUC itself is a product of improving the development of China's industrial robot technology, which is full of specific historical background

as early as the 1990s, due to the lack of funds in Chinese industry, most of the automatic packaging materials posed a serious threat to the ecological environment, and the production equipment was backward. Enterprises mainly focused on human sea tactics. Robot automation is a dream far from reality. The domestic industrial robot industry has just started, but because industrial robots play an eye-catching role in improving the level of production automation, labor productivity, product quality and economic benefits, and improving workers' working conditions, the robot industry has affected the development planning of China's industry. The essence of science and technology is to improve productivity. With the continuous expansion of China's manufacturing demand, The demand for robots will continue to soar

Shanghai Electric Group, with a view to the future, cooperates with FANUC, which is a world leader in the field of control system and robot manufacturing, to introduce FANUC robot technology into China. The two sides jointly established Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. This initiative not only brings the development of robotics in China to a new level, provides solutions for many Chinese factory automation, brings a better overall return on investment, but also brings rich returns to the company itself. Achieve a win-win situation at one stroke

after its establishment, Shanghai FANUC has provided excellent technical support for China's automated production and flexible production technology. While fighting the brand war, it has continuously promoted Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen by taking advantage of product quality assurance, strong and effective technical support and perfect after-sales service. 2. Strict operation specifications of the experimental machine are the basic guarantee to maintain the working effectiveness of the experimental machine, Guangzhou Honda The follow-up development of Guangzhou Toyota, SAIC GM Wuling, Dongfeng RI plastic and rubber material mechanical testing products and other customers has achieved remarkable results in many fields, such as food, beverage industry, electronics, casting, spraying, metal processing and so on

now, Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd., which has been established for 13 years, has become one of the factory automation solution providers with the largest team and the most complete division of labor in the professional field of robotics in China. Fanuc products have been widely used in various industries, and have been highly praised by customers for their reliable quality, stable performance and excellent functions, forming a good prospect of cooperation with domestic customers in various industries. From product provision to on-demand solutions, from technical support to after-sales service, Shanghai FANUC is fully fulfilling its commitment to customer brand professionalism

now participating in the WorldExpo and moving to a new site

the past two years have been a series of happy events for Shanghai FANUC

in 2008, FANUC became the first manufacturer in the world to break through 200000 robots, truly achieving no 1 of industrial robots

although it focuses on the industrial sector, FANUC robot is no longer a strange word in the public sector. Many FANUC robots have entered the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, showing their extraordinary skills, truly highlighting the theme of technology making life better. In the 2009 Hollywood blockbuster American classic sci-fi series terminator 2018, 18 FANUC robot brothers even showed their skills

2010, the largest robot of FANUC robot family and the largest robot in the world, m-2000ia, participated in the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo through a unique interactive activity, The interpretation of FANUC's unusual origin with the Expo has attracted tens of millions of tourists at home and abroad to stop to watch and interact

in November, 2010, a brand-new factory built by Shanghai FANUC and Baoshan District in Shanghai Baoshan Gucun industrial zone has appeared in front of people. Shanghai FANUC will officially move to its new address on the auspicious day

perform a new round of FANUC intelligent machine development in the future

in order to comply with the expanding scale, Shanghai FANUC will perform a new round of FANUC intelligent machine development on the land of the new factory. The new factory covers an area of 37931 square meters, and the proposed area of the first phase is 23423 square meters. Here, not only new robot system factories, various laboratories, training and education facilities and technical service institutions will be built, but also robot application technology research institutes will be built to comprehensively improve service capabilities

note: FANUC is the world's most diversified manufacturer of FA (factory automation), robots and intelligent machinery. Since its establishment in 1956, the company has always been a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment in the world, making outstanding contributions in the field of automation. In the 1970s, FANUC became the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world, accounting for 70% of the global market share. In 2008, FANUC became the largest robot manufacturer in the world, the first robot manufacturer in the world to exceed 200000 robots, and its market share remained the first

fanuc robot in China: Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd

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