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Shanghai packaging (Group) Co., Ltd. builds a new highland in the industry

Shanghai packaging (Group) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise group established in the early 2000 of Shanghai light industry packaging industry. According to the strategic deployment of "building a new highland in the industry", the group has taken effective measures and achieved remarkable restructuring results on the basis of full research and repeated verification

(I) to meet the market requirements, the directional adjustment of the business strategy of the group system can well reduce the experimental error caused by the pipe deformation of a single sensor, and is equipped with a ring stiffness deformation measurement device. The "people's printing No.1 Factory", "people's printing plate making factory", "decoration process printing factory", "plastic products No.7 factory" and "Shanghai packaging and decoration company", whose main businesses have disappeared or basically transferred, will be bankrupt and disintegrated, and the enterprises whose production and operation are stranded and wandering will be restructured and strategically adjusted, so that the "people's printing No.2 factory" will be built into a commercial paper printing enterprise, and the "Shen'an Printing Co., Ltd." will form brocade boxes, paper bags Specialized manufacturer of cartons

in 2000, the group system changed to 12 enterprises that immediately entered the press molding system and 13 enterprises that closed down. More than 2100 employees were shunted through measures such as resettlement, retirement, trusteeship, and termination of contracts. This year, the group will divert another 500 employees

(II) on the basis of adjustment and reorganization, restructure the core competitiveness of the group, and the group will form several plate markets. The group's resources are concentrated in advantageous enterprises, so that the production energy of backbone enterprises is effectively released. The sales of the five backbone enterprises in 2000 exceeded the average growth rate of 13.8% of the group system. The whole group formed: paper printing with market leading position led by "people's printing No. 8 factory", "concave convex color printing corporation" and "people's printing No. 10 factory"; Plastic printing with market challenger status represented by "people's plastic printing factory"; The growing PE and PET packaging containers represented by "United Packaging Decoration Co., Ltd." remarks: printing and manufacturing of width, thickness, sample length, 10% modulus, 20% modulus, 40% modulus, tensile strength (RM), elongation; Brocade box production represented by the newly rising "Shen'an Printing Co., Ltd"; Commercial paper printing represented by "the second people's printing factory"; The publishing and printing industry starts from the joint venture company to be jointly invested and established with internationally renowned publishing groups. After the formation of the above six sectors, the packaging (Group) company will span from the former packaging and printing production to the whole publishing and printing, and its market will cover the whole printing industry

(III) the group will have several new economic growth points. The world's largest book publishing group will introduce advanced management methods and funds; Shanghai Maotai concave convex printing Co., Ltd. will be established in cooperation with Maotai distillery; Invest in Vietnam, South Africa and other regions to set up factories and implement the strategy of "going abroad". At the same time, it is necessary to complete some technological innovation and technological transformation within the group

after completing the above projects, Shanghai packaging (Group) Co., Ltd. will transform from a single state-owned enterprise into a diversified holding industrial group

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