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Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber products fill the domestic gap and become internationally advanced

with the advent of 48K large tow carbon fiber, Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber technology has a strong driving force to support industrial development and usher in a broader range of applications. 7. Functional accessories of experimental instruments and experimental instruments related to experimental instruments; Scenery. In the field of traditional energy and new energy, the company will develop and produce general-purpose, low-cost, large tow, high-strength and high modulus carbon fiber raw materials. At present, the company has reached cooperation intentions with offshore wind power, large-scale wind power, automotive industry and other related projects

application fields

● oil fields (sucker rods, pumping casings, components, etc.)

● atmospheric and high-pressure containers (high-pressure CNG cylinders, on-board CNG tanks, hydrogen storage cylinders, compressed air cylinders, etc.)

● double-layer tanks and on-board tanks in gas stations

&ems China's new changes according to the situation of energy-saving buildings p; ● petrochemical pipeline repair and reinforcement (plant pipelines of various materials and working conditions, long-distance crude oil pipelines, etc.)

● large capacity wind turbine blades

● high end fields such as rail transit, new energy vehicles, civil aviation

at the new materials (products) industry exhibition of the 20th China International Industry Expo, Shanghai Petrochemical 48K large tow carbon fiber stood out from more than 1000 kinds of exhibition products, Won the first prize of excellent exhibition products in the new material industry

Shanghai Petrochemical has sharpened its sword for ten years, achieving a breakthrough from scratch, from 12K not neglecting the intrinsic value of the experimental machine due to rush to 48K, marking the leap of Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber technology from quantitative change to qualitative change, which not only fills the domestic gap, but also reaches the international advanced level

from scratch

in the carbon fiber industry, those with more than 48000 carbon fibers per bundle (hereinafter referred to as "48K") are usually referred to as large tow carbon fibers. At present, each bundle of carbon fibers in China is basically between 1000 (1K) and 12000 (12K), which is called small tow

Shanghai Petrochemical is one of the largest refining and chemical integration enterprises in China, and was once the largest acrylic fiber production enterprise in China. Relying on the advantages of acrylic fiber industry, the company took the lead in carrying out exchange research and technical research on carbon fiber as early as the 1980s. In 2007, Sinopec decided to deploy the research and development and industrialization of pan (polyacrylonitrile) based carbon fiber, and the construction project was located in Shanghai Petrochemical

the carbon fiber industry has strict technical barriers, and the core technology is owned and mastered by a few developed countries such as Japan and the United States. With the strong support of Sinopec and Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Petrochemical, together with dozens of scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises such as Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Shanghai Engineering Company and Fudan University, has embarked on a collaborative innovation road of "production, learning, research and application" with enterprises as the main body, and with the strong basic theoretical research ability of colleges and universities, Shanghai Petrochemical has seamlessly connected with the engineering technology development of enterprises, without "moving forward in the dark", Without "unnecessary imitation" and "blind trial and error", under the guidance of clear goals, we have made less detours, crossed the chasm, and achieved technological accumulation

with the concerted efforts of all teams, carbon fiber research has been rapidly promoted: a pilot plant was built in November 2008; In March, 2009, 12K precursor was successfully developed

in September 2012, using the domestically unique NaSCN (sodium thiocyanate) wet process and a complete set of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, the first phase of the annual output of 3000 tons of precursor and 1500 tons of carbon fiber project of Shanghai Petrochemical was completed and put into operation, forming an annual industrial production capacity of 3000 tons of polymer, 1500 tons of precursor and 500 tons of carbon fiber

from existing to strong

the Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber project has been highly valued and strongly supported by the state, Sinopec and the Shanghai municipal government. "3000 tons of PAN precursor industrialization demonstration project" has been listed as a national high-tech project, "Pan based carbon fiber complete set of technology research" has been listed as Sinopec's 2010-2017 ten dragon project, The "1500 ton/year PAN based carbon fiber project" is listed as a major project for the development of innovation and high-tech industries in Shanghai. During this period, the project has undertaken 1 National 863 project, 1 973 project, 2 National Development and Reform Commission projects, and 5 Shanghai municipal government projects. It has won the maintenance and technical information of the government and the double axis impact machine. How much do you know about the government's key research funding of 26.38 million yuan. During this period, Sinopec applied for 179 carbon fiber related patents and authorized 62

Huang Xiangyu, chief engineer of the acrylic fiber Department of Shanghai Petrochemical, said that in participating in the National 863 project and 973 project, the deep integration with scientific research institutions has made the basic research theoretical results better applied to technology research and development, and played a positive role in promoting the overall technology research and development of large tow

in May 2016, Shanghai Petrochemical carried out the industrialization research and test of carbon fiber 48K large tow precursor. The biggest advantage of 48K large tow is that under the same production conditions, it can significantly improve the single line production capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber, and achieve low production cost, thus breaking the application limitations brought about by the high price of carbon fiber

"from 12K small tow to 48K large tow, it is not so simple to enlarge the number of spinnerets from 12000 to 48000, but it is a very difficult way to tackle key problems." Huang Xiangyu introduced

in January 2018, they successfully developed the polymerization, spinning, oxidation and carbonization process technology of large tow carbon fiber, forming the technical foundation of a complete set of technology package of 1000 ton PAN based 48K large tow carbon fiber; In March, the real 48K large tow carbon fiber in China was successfully trial produced, and the whole process was completed. According to the test, after the 48K large tow precursor is oxidized and carbonized into 48K carbon fiber large tow, the monofilament strength reaches high performance. This has laid a solid foundation for the technological upgrading of general-purpose carbon fibers (small tow and large tow) and the production of high-performance carbon fibers in the next stage. The unique NaSCN wet precursor process makes the produced carbon fiber have excellent surface structure and interface properties, which greatly enhances the properties of carbon fiber composites

from laboratory to field

Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber has appeared in the field of traditional energy. In Mozambique N6 highway, Tianjin Jinbin Expressway Overpass, Shenyang Dandong railway line, Liaoning Qinwo reservoir and other nine dangerous infrastructure maintenance projects, Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber reinforcement is used, which is not only efficient and convenient in construction, but also significantly improves the structural bearing capacity. In terms of replacing imported plastic gears with carbon fiber gears, strengthening and repairing petrochemical pipelines such as liquid propylene, raffinated C4, flare gas, methane hydrogen, nitrogen, sewage, high corrosion equipment, corroded buildings in chemical workshops, etc., the demonstration application effect of Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber is good

Shanghai Petrochemical also cooperates with Shengli Oilfield and its restructured enterprise Xinda Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. to develop carbon fiber sucker rods. After five batches of tests, the sucker rods have excellent performance, which is equivalent to the level of foreign carbon fibers, and can completely replace imports. By the end of 2017, Shengli oil field has used Shanghai Petrochemical carbon fiber continuous sucker rod for testing and application in 93 wells, with a total of 209000 meters of rods. At present, it is being further promoted and applied, especially for high corrosion deep wells in the northwest

Shanghai Petrochemical 48K large tow carbon fiber has also attracted the attention of COMAC. In August this year, Zhang Jun, deputy chief designer and chief material and process engineer of COMAC C919, and his delegation went to Shanghai Petrochemical, and the two sides expressed their intention of cooperation

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