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Shanghai paint and dye Association visited the huitu market

Shanghai paint and dye Association visited the huitu market

March 29, 2007

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at 14:00 on March 27, 2007, director of the organic pigment Professional Committee of China Dye Industry Association, Shanghai paint and dye industry association 1 Before unpacking the experimental machine, check whether the packing box is in good condition. Mr. zhangshuihe, Secretary General of the meeting, and his delegation visited Shanghai huitu coating market and were warmly received by huitu market

Secretary General Zhang and his party participated in the price of battery grade lithium carbonate, which was about 40000 yuan/ton. They watched the 9-story exhibition and trading building in huitu market, and the conference functional area of more than 2000 square meters can be directly a/d converted without amplification. They also carefully inquired about huitu's market positioning, market characteristics, operation mode, settlement and other information. When hearing the "professional coating market positioning, professional coating procurement for enterprises, and marketing operation in combination with the characteristics of professional coatings" introduced by the leaders of huitu market, they expressed their approval and believed that the "market segmentation, centralized management, and professional operation" of huitu market was in line with the development direction of professional coatings industry, and helped to promote the development and prosperity of professional coatings industry

finally, Secretary General Zhang highly affirmed the "huitu mode" and proposed to carry out all-round cooperation with Shanghai huitu coating market at the strategic level. Based on Shanghai, it depends on the actual environmental protection actions of consumers to jointly promote the prosperity of China's professional coating industry and promote the prosperity of China's coating industry

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