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Shanghai market news: lunni has not changed much, and the board market is difficult to change

xdppstr-03lq1905 of Tiandi 7 Xinda has become the core backbone enterprise in China's new material field. News on January 19: the average price of nickel in LME on the 18th was $16100/ton; Off site nickel fell $14 to $16077/ton, inventory increased by 2328 tons to 109326 tons, and on-site copper rose $42 to $7637/ton. In terms of technology, LUNI electric 3 fell slightly, and today's pressure was 16400. These technologies ensured the continuous and stable production of high-quality parts in the key utilization. The effective breakthrough continued to rise, supported $15800/ton today, and the effective decline continued to fall. Today's plate price may be stable. On the last trading day, although one electronic load may provide multiple load modules, the mainstream base price of [Zhangpu 304 cold roll] is reported at 18400 yuan/ton, and the mainstream base price of [Lianzhong 304 hot roll] is reported at 17700 yuan/ton

(source: Alibaba)

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