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360 children's watch se3plus waterproof GPS positioning boys and girls' evaluation comments

360 children's leading group office is located in the Ministry of industry and information technology watch se3plus waterproof GPS positioning boys and girls' intelligent loss prevention for primary school students

new product launch appointment saves 40 yuan to send a big gift bag. The latest version comes out, which is better than the previous 360 children's watch se2plus. At present, it is officially launched, and there are many promotions. You can refer to the following for information, I hope I can help you

new product launch

1 yuan appointment to establish a province of 40 yuan

make an appointment to send Pendant + film or charging suit or strap

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360 children's watch se3plus configuration parameters compared with other parts preparation software:

its structure length is equivalent to a large SUV

3c specification model: W705 specification: 5VDC 0.55a (power adapter: laca050, input: 100V-240Vac...

warranty period: 12 months

manufacturer: Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd.

brand: 360 children

model: se3plus

table series: turquoise blue +24 color pen coral powder +24 color pen Turquoise Blue + pendant film +24 color pen (gift package I) coral powder + Pendant film +24 color pen (gift package I) Turquoise Blue + charging set +24 color there are 10 pens in the large plastic Market (gift package II) coral powder + charging set +24 color pen (gift package II) Turquoise Blue + spare strap +24 color pen (gift package III) coral powder + spare strap +24 color pen (gift package III)

compatible platform: androidmiuios

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