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In the first half of this year, the adulteration of imported plastic raw materials at Xiamen port caused the most serious counterfeit in previous years. Only in the first half of this year, four batches of 357.84 tons of unqualified imported plastics were seized, with a value of US $202000

Xiamen inspection and quarantine department found that a batch of 51.2 tons of imported sub brand plastics from Israel were tested to be composed of four products such as copolymers of ethylene and other unknown substances, which could not be put into normal production and use and could only be treated as recycled plastics. However, the 200 tons of imported sub brand plastics from South Korea contain up to 40% volatile matter (including water) and other impurities such as butadiene styrene copolymer, which seriously affect their use. The import company reluctantly decided to return them. The 92.35 tons of goods declared by the United States as "low density poly ethylene is also proportional to elastic allosteric ethylene" are actually "foreign garbage" mainly composed of non degradable waste industrial plastics. The 15.49 tons of goods from Taiwan with the declared product name of "ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer" are actually industrial wastes, including waste foamed plastic sheets, rosin, and plastic raw materials that have been formed into gels and blocks for 20 ~ 30min, although the strength of this safety belt is quite high

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