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"Let China's machine tool production surpass Japan's in 3~5 years"

a student insurance compensation mechanism that is never satisfied with its professional learning. Through the application of market-oriented means, a machine tool numerical control lathe worker with excellent technology, a teacher who brings out many technical backbone students, and the national "May Day" labor medal winner - Zheng Jun from the data numerical control lathe workshop of the finished product department of Sichuan Ningjiang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd, Taking an ordinary job as a career, his goal is to "strive to make China's machine tool production surpass that of Japan within 3 to 5 years"

A tireless technical backbone came to the factory in 1992, and Zheng Jun has spent 16 years in Ningjiang. "We have many workers here and many excellent talents, but Zheng Jun is the most outstanding and professional!" Hangjianwei, the director of the workshop, said, "we 2. There is no indenter deformation problem. As soon as the car refinishing and forming room was established, he was transferred as the backbone. In the past two years, he has successively participated in the R & D and trial production of 8 new products, with a total of 24 innovations, effectively saving costs for the company."

Ningjiang company is mainly engaged in the production of machine tools. Zheng Jun's job is to debug the NC machine tools that will leave the factory to meet the requirements of customers. "Zheng Jun is not only technically proficient and theoretically good, but also his professionalism is the most admirable in the factory!" Caowenxiu, vice chairman of the trade union of the company, still remembers that in order to complete a batch of foreign trade orders on time, Zheng Jun stayed at the production site for three days and three nights. When he was sleepy, he sat down and rested for six hours. As soon as the order was completed, he took the 49 hour train nonstop and rushed to Qingdao to solve customers' problems. "My happiest time is when the product leaves the factory successfully!"

a student who will study forever

"technically, I am a forever student." In 1992, Zheng Jun, who had just entered the factory, became very interested in machine tools. At that time, numerical control locomotives had not been popularized in China. Young Zheng Jun spent every day in the factory library. With the help of dictionaries, he read materials from Japan, Switzerland and other advanced countries and taught himself the theory of digital control. "Up to now, I still know a lot of Japanese, but I can't speak it." He smiled innocently

he insisted on studying for 3 ~ 5 hours every day. This habit helped Zheng Jun win the only winning award in Sichuan in the first national CNC competition in 2004, and also made the CNC machine tools in the factory famous. Zheng Jun is very proud, "with our efforts, the small machine tools produced in the factory are the highest precision among similar products in China!"

a master full of peaches and plums

"master Zheng" is an example for many young people in the workshop to make the error not greater than 0.10/1000 workers. "No matter what competition, the master is the first!" Zeng Changcheng said that after graduation, under the guidance of his master, he learned to regard his ordinary work as a great cause. Within six months after the establishment of the NC workshop, Zheng Jun trained 12 skilled workers who can complete processing tasks independently. One and a half years later, this number doubled, making the average working hours of NC machine tools from 300 hours/set to 700 hours/set

"to ensure that the product was completed on time, Mr. Zheng didn't go home until 3 a.m. and came back on time at more than 7 a.m. this morning." Zeng Changcheng said that what the master gave them was not just technology

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