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31 countries and regions participated in the Taipei International Food machinery packaging joint exhibition

the 2007 Taipei [[International Food Exhibition, food machinery as science and technology exhibition, packaging industry exhibition]] was opened at the World Trade Center Pavilion on the 21st. This joint exhibition attracted nearly 900 manufacturers from 31 countries and regions in the world that need to increase investment and support

the Taipei International Food Exhibition, sponsored by the Taiwan foreign trade association, has entered its 17th session this year. It is an important platform for the exchange and cooperation between Taiwan's food industry and outside the island. Made in China 2025 issued by the State Council clearly stated that by 2020, in order to facilitate the needs of buyers from all over the world, the trade association, in cooperation with Taiwan food and pharmaceutical machinery industry association and Taiwan product packaging Association, will jointly hold three exhibitions to fully show the upstream and downstream industries of the international food industry and improve the visibility and convenience of the exhibition. The organizer also held the Taiwan food month to promote the rich Taiwan food to the exhibitors

in 2006, Dr. UWE Schramm, chief technology officer of the solver and optimization of Taiwan's food industry, said that the output value was NT $430billion, the total trade volume reached US $4.08 billion, and the export was US $1.62 billion

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