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Only 1% of the people know the versatile functions of tatami! Yadan grows several tatami at home, and 1 ㎡ is not wasted

"hi~ there is a small bedroom at home, so do you want to make a tatami?"

when you hear tatami, your first reaction should be a place where you can sleep, play chess, drink tea and chat ~

but, in fact, this is just one of the many advantages of tatami.

only 1% of the people know the versatile functions of tatami

don't panic, next Dandan will focus on what the "tatami CP above" has and how to install it more practical ~

tatami bedroom

What if your bedroom is only 6 ㎡ -8 ㎡, and you can't put the wardrobe down when you put down the bed

what if your clothes exceed the weight that the wardrobe can bear

Tatami is definitely one of the best choices

replace the bed with tatami, and build the small bedroom into a multi-functional space integrating residence, storage and entertainment. 1 ㎡ is not wasted

with the bed, the sliding door wardrobe + semi open display cabinet, and an additional storage space with two walls,

clean bedroom, exquisite life, so eazy

tatami study

unless you are rich, a single function study will never satisfy you

you might as well design tatami in the study, and combine the functions of studio + multi storage function + sleep and rest, which is beneficial without harm

for small houses, the tatami study can also serve as a guest bedroom for relatives and friends

of course, if your parents want to come and live together, you can turn it into a room for the elderly

a lifting platform can also be designed in the middle, which is extremely friendly for people who are prone to cross legged numbness

tatami balcony

is the balcony used to dry clothes, place potted plants, and stack sundries used up

leaky leaky, try designing tatami on the balcony.

during the day, it can not only be a living room, but also a great place for tea, reading, leisure and storage

if you need more space, you can combine the living room, desk and bookcase to create an integrated tatami balcony

it can be used as a bed at night, and it is the guest room when guests come home

of course, it's not impossible to be a children's playground

functional tatami

why some tatami can only be used as a bed, but some tatami functions explode, easily changing one room into five rooms

it all depends on the tatami lifting platform to realize multiple functions in one space

raise the lifting table, and the tatami can be used as a study, tea room, reception of friends, playing cards, chatting, etc.

lower the lifting table, and it becomes a temporary bedroom to entertain guests

having a baby at home can also climb directly up. It's really amazing to take a nap this season

be able to bend and stretch, and realize multiple uses of one room. Small apartment owners said that it was too superior

tatami storage cabinet

tatami storage cabinet is a fallen wardrobe,

it is plain on the surface, but in fact, it is full of storage space in the heart, with a storage capacity of max

some people diss tatami, saying that it is inconvenient to store things. If you want to put something, you must lift the tatami, which is too inconvenient

in fact, the installation of air support can be easily solved

in addition to the storage of tatami in the upturned cabinet on the bed surface, the drawer on the outside of the floor also hides a great storage space.

it is not only super storage, but also convenient to take, and lazy cancer stars have no resistance

seeing so many tatami of different types and functions, you must be excited to take action,

but it's not so simple to pretend to be a perfect tatami~




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