Xi'an designers of Tucson's overall woodwork visit

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On the 26th, tianqiurui, the general manager of Xi'an Branch, and Tianqiyuan, the deputy general manager, worked with the designer team to Tucson headquarters. Wang Weiyang, chairman of the board of directors, and the leaders of the company received in person and warmly welcomed Xi'an Tucson's family to visit and exchange with the company

1. During the period of corporate culture

, the team of the branch first visited babe group, a Tucson fabric supplier. Exquisite design starts with excellent material selection

then enter the company headquarters. In order to make the designer have a deeper understanding of Tucson, know Tucson's corporate culture and future development, and its design scheme conforms to Tucson's value concept, the company headquarters sent professionals to introduce it

first of all, Huang Lili, deputy director of the company's sales department, talked about Tucson's corporate culture for Xi'an designers

Lu Sai, deputy director of the R & D center, is responsible for telling Xi'an designers about the future development of Tucson and the new products on the market in 2019

the rich content and detailed explanations have made designers who come to the headquarters to visit and exchange full of harvest, and have a personal experience of the company's development process, cultural construction and corporate social responsibility

2. Communication

after the corporate culture training, communication was carried out, and Hua Weifu, deputy director of production, answered questions and doubts for the designers

3. Workshop visit

after the lunch break, the group visited the production workshop. Ma Jun, deputy director of the design department, introduced the data management and quality control of the workshop, as well as the intellectualization of production and each process

from the cutting of the door pocket, to the mature assembly lines, and then to the grinding and painting of the wooden surface. Intelligent equipment and meticulous labor division, Tucson combines the efficiency of machine and the delicacy of labor

after that, President Ma guided the designers to visit the new product exhibition hall and Tucson laboratory. Show designers in Xi'an that Tucson's products are not only of high quality, but also of good taste. Excellent quality, ultra-high efficiency and exquisite design escort Tucson's products

this visit and study left a deep impression on the people in the branch. Everyone agreed that the biggest gain was to truly feel the charm of the group's culture, efficient production workshops, and the passion of Tucson people. They all expressed that they would be able to practice Tucson's corporate mission of providing consumers with a healthy, elegant and fashionable lifestyle in their future work, and contribute to Tucson's development in every design




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