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Who says that the small apartment with two bedrooms and one living room is only suitable for decoration in a modern and simple style. In fact, as long as you use snacks, you can match well in any style. Seclusion by the sea has always been a dream of many people, but the cruel reality is that we can only live in the city. But the Mediterranean decoration style may help people realize such a dream. Today, Xiaobian recommends this set of Mediterranean style case of CSCEC Longcheng with two rooms and one living room. Come and learn it quickly

decoration owner files:

community: CSCEC Longcheng (more CSCEC Longcheng decoration renderings) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: puqiang decoration

Design Description: Although the design of a two bedrooms and one living room house will be very troublesome, the final effect is really satisfactory to me. The house is more beautiful than I imagined. The living room has a card seat, The lighthouse in the master bedroom and tatami in the second bedroom are quite satisfactory. The soft decoration is basically online shopping on a treasure. The room is small, and all the layout should first consider the size, which can stimulate people's desire for creativity. If I want to install a 100 square meter house, I may not be exquisite, and I can't consider the details of every corner, so I have a little less fun

decoration effect drawing of Mediterranean style living room with two bedrooms and one living room in CSCEC Longcheng (Figure)

the living room is made into a card seat, which saves the most space on the one hand, and on the other hand, it feels novel and cute. Under the card seat are storage cabinets, Mats and cushions are made in the same house. Of course, blue and cats are the main players, and the table is customized in Taobao, so the size cannot take up too much space. The location of the refrigerator is a piece of land that the designer decided to knock on the wall of the big room. It's a great idea

decoration effect drawing of Mediterranean style kitchen with two bedrooms and one living room in CSCEC Longcheng (Figure)

after entry, the right hand is an open kitchen, and the floor tiles and tiles are antique tiles of changgu, which are very expensive, but have good texture. The peacock series wall tiles are very dynamic, and the kitchen should be lively and fragrant, otherwise where can we afford to cook

decoration effect drawing of Mediterranean style bedroom with two bedrooms and one living room in CSCEC Longcheng (Figure)

the master bedroom is merged with the balcony, which looks big, so it is divided into three functional areas. My husband's study and bedroom are divided into three functional areas. Because the opposite side of the bed is the wardrobe, I don't want the aisle to be too narrow, and the beds are made to size. I choose the shape of the door opening of the balcony, which feels good. The blue glass gauze curtain harmonizes the ocean wind. There are two shutter doors in the sliding door wardrobe opposite the bed, and the other two are combined with a sea view. The picture is a large mural found in a treasure that the sliding door manufacturer pasted on the door when making it. It's hard to find, but the effect is good. The wardrobe is a sliding door, so the aisle between the bed and the wardrobe is more spacious than I expected

decoration effect drawing of Mediterranean style bathroom with two rooms and one living room in CSCEC Longcheng (picture)

the bathroom is relatively small, but the layout is very good. I insist on putting the bathtub, and I don't feel crowded. The wall tiles and floor tiles are also long valley, aqua green, clear and light, which makes me feel super

owner's home decoration list:

master bedroom Lighthouse: Taobao self purchase 100 yuan each

bathroom: Jiumu bathroom

cabinet: Zhibang cabinet 4800 yuan

floor tiles: Marco Polo antique tiles 15 yuan/flat

CSCEC Longcheng two bedroom and one living room house type map

[brief introduction of CSCEC Longcheng community]

CSCEC Longcheng is developed by CSCEC Third Bureau Longcheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., with a total land of about 7795m2.6.55 square meters, The building area is 163152.4 square meters, the greening rate is 36.52%, and the plot ratio is 2.17, mainly 90-140 square meters

CSCEC Longcheng, located in the core of Jiangxia old urban area with rich human resources, is built by the Bank of Qinglong mountain with a forest vegetation rate of 93%, enjoying the original precious tree species and quiet environment; The National Forest Park resources and the comprehensive forest eco-tourism area with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan are the ultimate residence for people who pursue a quality life

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