Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration

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In home decoration, many owners will ignore the feng shui of ceiling decoration. In fact, Feng Shui of ceiling decoration is crucial for every family. Today, let's take a look at the Feng Shui taboos of ceiling decoration in the living room for your reference

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; Avoid that the ceiling color is darker than the floor color

this format will form “ Top heavy ” Phenomenon of. In Feng Shui, it is called “ Out of order ”, That is, young people with low status will not accept the discipline and leadership of older people with high status, and turn away from the guest

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; The flowering board should not be uneven or have sharp corners

it will make people (including office and living) who have been in it for a long time feel irritable and conflict with each other. The way to resolve it is to make the ceiling flat through decoration

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; Avoid tilting the ceiling

this format is mainly to make the people who live have mental depression. In recent years, many environmental psychology books have pointed out that this kind of inclined roof will cause the people who live to have mental diseases

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; The ceiling of the living room should not have beams

the top pressing of beams is a big taboo in the design of home environment. The ancients believed that “ It is unlucky to press the top of the beam ”. Because the beam has “ Depression ” The radiant energy of is easy to cause mental tension and bad luck to people under the beam. If there is a beam above the living room, the ceiling or auspicious decorations should be used to cover the decoration, so as to eliminate the sense of depression and maintain the physical and mental health of residents

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; It is not suitable to decorate the false ceiling

if the false ceiling is used to decorate under the normal floor, it will appear quite cumbersome and produce a “ The sky is falling ” The strong sense of oppression causes psychological pressure on the residents. If you have to set a ceiling, you can use the false ceiling layout with low sides and high middle. In this way, not only the vision is more comfortable, but also the recess in the middle of the ceiling will form a water collecting Tianchi, which will also be of great benefit to residential Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; Avoid insufficient ceiling light

if the ceiling sunlight is insufficient, it will cause “ Dark day and night ” The situation will make the atmosphere of the whole room shrouded in a dim smell. Staying in it for a long time will make people depressed and have no fighting spirit. In this case, the best way to make up for it is to hide lights in the grooves on the four sides of the ceiling

Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration &mdash& mdash; Avoid seeing the mirror on the ceiling

installing a mirror on the ceiling makes a big taboo in Feng Shui, because the scenery reflected from the mirror will be consistent with the floor, forming “ Heaven and earth do not open ” The situation of. Thus, it violates the natural law and will stagnate the family fortune. Besides, long-term exposure to mirrors can easily affect the physical and mental health of old people and children because of the light reflected by them

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