Tips for bathroom decoration in summer

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Let you know all the tips of Yuba

1 Do not install the Yuba above the bathtub or shower position. It is best to install it in the center of the bathroom top or slightly close to the bathtub, so that it is safe and can maximize its use function

2. When Yuba is working, it is forbidden to spray with water, which is easy to cause hazards such as short circuit of power supply

in winter, the touch of the body will also become extremely sharp, and cold water is the last thing we want to touch. Ordinary faucets will inevitably have temporary failures, while thermostatic faucets can make your bathing more convenient. When a steady stream of hot water gushes from the tap, you don't have to be afraid of cold water anymore. In the whole process, you don't have to worry about the water temperature rising and falling. You can accurately adjust the temperature by simply turning the handle. The unique massage function of the Jacuzzi will make you still fall in love with bathing in winter, and your body will be completely relaxed

in winter, it's very pleasant to feel intimate care after going to the toilet. Installing a body cleaner on the toilet can not only wash the buttocks after convenience, but also prevent the invasion of bacteria. Especially in winter, it is more helpful for hemorrhoids patients, the elderly, children and pregnant women

attention to the use of thermostatic faucet

1 The basic temperature setting range of the thermostatic faucet is 20 ℃ -50 ℃, which can lock the water temperature at 38 ° to prevent the elderly and children from scalding due to misadjustment

2. Professional anti scald technology ensures that the surface of the faucet will not overheat, ensuring safe use in any case

instructions for the use of steam bath room

1 The door of the steam bath room will generally adopt high-strength transparent safety glass, and the sliding door will be closed with magnetic suction strips to prevent the bath water from splashing out, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the dry and wet in the living room

2. In order to get comfortable bathing enjoyment, you can choose a high bathtub steam bath room with low shaped bathtub or water spray massage, handrails and anti-skid measures. The internal multi head spray nozzle is used to spray and massage the chest, waist, back and head. Through a large amount of steam eruption, the fatigue of a day's work can be eliminated and the blood circulation can be promoted




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