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The simple and natural yashilan American wall cloth is designed to create a leisurely and comfortable "Taoyuan world" for you

Whitman wrote in the song of self:

"I sing about myself, I praise myself

I live according to my current situation

even if no one in the world realizes this anymore

I still sit contentedly"

this poem has a unique temperament of the United States, deriving an American style of freedom and uninhibited from American life, culture and spirit

Yashi LAN American wall fabric case recommendation

1 Romantic and elegant lily bloom

when it comes to nature, purity and elegance, it is inevitable that the image of lily as a plant will appear in my mind. Yashilan, a wall cloth, takes lily as a flower type element, which is romantic and affectionate. Taking this as the inspiration to create American style home, it can be said that it is the most consistent theme of returning to nature

2. Colorful idyllic dream

rural life can be as vivid as "yellow Orioles Singing in overcast summer wood", or as quiet and pleasant as "deep trees growing in dusk", as well as the creation of American home. The floral wall cloth of yashilan, combined with the printed fabric sofa, is full of elegant charm and peace under the color halo of beige home

3. Taohuayuan in the city

yashilan boldly chose the most resonant dark green in the color matching of this wall cloth, adding a transparent elegance, coupled with green plants and floral art, showing a light luxury and leisure. The mix and match design of natural materials and modern materials creates a fashionable and natural urban "paradise of peach blossoms"

listen to the wind and the clouds

enjoy books and tea and fall asleep

simple and natural yashilan American style wall fabric

aims to create a "Taoyuan world" for you

yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of modern home life art needs and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend and inheriting jacquard classics, For the purpose of creating brilliant embroidery, the seamless wallcovering will be raised to the height of art, and a variety of artistic wallcovering products will be provided for people who pursue a quality life

(image and text source: yashilan seamless wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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