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With the development of the era, the era centered on product competition is going away. How to take the road of brand transformation has become the concern and attention of major Guangdong door and window factories. In the terminal operation, how to sell products with high value, how to create tangible investment benefits, and how to advance the receipt rate have become difficult problems that confuse many aluminum door and window companies. For these questions, some Guangdong door and window factories have adopted a strategic approach from "product pride" to "brand pride"

aluminum alloy bridge broken windows do a good job in products and find a good presentation path

on the basis of good products, it is necessary to find a suitable presentation path. The exhibition is the best choice for many aluminum alloy broken bridge window companies. How to attract investment? Maximize the benefits of the exhibition? In the view of the industry, planning and positioning in advance, theme planning, early investment attraction, selection of customer resource information, and post exhibition tracking are the five key points to do a good job of joining doors and windows in the exhibition

usually, the company will make a preliminary plan for the next exhibition after each exhibition recruitment. Planning in advance can reserve sufficient preparation time for the company. Positioning refers to clarifying whether the purpose of the exhibition is to sell goods, attract investment or show, etc. A good exhibition theme can point out the direction for subsequent investment promotion, find new heights, different elements, and formulate different policies, so that talent can emerge. In the early stage of door and window franchising, how to convey the key of attracting investment to door and window franchisees? The first is through the return visit of business personnel, and the second is through the media arrangement, using the company activities planned by the two sides together, as well as various news and wechat channels to do a lot of communication. Selecting customer resource information is particularly important to deal with the situation of high traffic on the exhibition site. Select suitable customers for negotiation, so that the loss of customers is not so serious. After the exhibition, the salesperson should make a follow-up visit to understand the dynamics of the dealers and automatically develop customers

aluminum door and window companies bid farewell to the "coexistence of interests" policy, and the forward receipt rate

for the forward receipt rate, the industry has summed up four words: coexistence of interests. In the cooperation of door and window manufacturers in Guangdong, we should not only ensure "profit", that is, the profits at both ends, but also consider "profit", that is, the growth point of profit. As long as we recognize and help each other, we can coexist. Nowadays, franchisees of doors and windows usually don't only make one brand. If their focus is not on your brand, they can't do it well. Doing a good job in dealer effectiveness includes better understanding of their needs, being able to put forward suggestions for improvement, sharing resources and helping them improve, so as to end the coexistence of interests. Only by adhering to outstanding contacts with customers and gaining trust will the return rate be higher and higher. At will, as long as the aluminum alloy bridge broken window manufacturer pays attention to the dealer, the dealer will pay attention to the company

in the cooperation between Guangdong door and window factory and dealers, their interests are linked to each other. The cooperation in product research and development and effectiveness is a question that both sides should consider together. Change the limitations of previous traditional thinking, start with the high value of care products, explore the brand growth path suitable for their own development, firmly move from "product pride" to "brand pride", and trust that aluminum door and window companies will find greater space for brand growth





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