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On the afternoon of May 24, 2012, the foreign design directors' meeting and dealers' friendship meeting of Prometheus was held grandly with the theme of "leading the new front and creating brilliance together". Nearly 100 dealers from Prometheus and customers from Singapore, Australia, Russia and other countries attended the event together with the company's leaders

international guests sign in

the first and most important part of the conference was the speech by the foreign design director of plomei. When venkatirunagaru, an international senior sanitary product designer from Sweden, stepped onto the stage to meet you, the audience applauded. Venkat cordially greeted everyone and briefly introduced his experience and the process of getting married with pulemei. Venkat said that he was very happy to join primetime and believed that he could bring more and better products to primetime. When he told dealers that he would give them a surprise suspense about new products, thunderous applause broke out again. Dealers expressed their confident expectations with applause

the second part of the meeting was the sharing, interaction and exchange of marketing experience. The marketing management consultant of pulemei enterprise had a relaxed exchange with the dealer representatives. On the stage, the dealers from Chengdu, Quanzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and Tianjin shared with you their successful experience in market development and implementation, team building, brand operation, engineering business development and other aspects. Off the stage, the dealers from Ningbo, Shanghai and other places also actively interacted, The atmosphere for sharing and communicating with you was very warm

in the third part of the meeting, johnbeith, the Asia Pacific Sales Director of Prometheus, shared his experience in the international market with you. As soon as he came on stage, this old friend of Prometheus warmly greeted you and asked you if you still remember him, because he also met you here last year, but at that time, his identity was different. He was a customer of Prometheus. Now, he is very happy to have become a member of Prometheus and join you, Work together for the development of Prometheus. John's humorous but emotional speech won bursts of applause

then, the company representative of the integrated marketing and communication strategic partner of Prometheus brought you a short but not simple brand marketing promotion course. In just 15 minutes, Prometheus analyzed the development direction and mode of brand promotion, and the dealers benefited a lot from the penetrating and professional explanation

at the last segment of the meeting, Mr. Chen delivered a speech with the theme of "today and future of Prometheus". Mr. Chen first expressed his sincere gratitude to all the dealers of Prometheus for their support and understanding. Mr. Chen also thanked Venkat and John for joining us. I believe that with your concerted efforts, Prometheus will move towards the height of a world-famous brand and achieve the goal of a century old famous enterprise

after the meeting, dealers affirmed this activity one after another, especially the participation of foreign design directors, which made them 100 times more confident in the products of Prometheus. We believe that with our joint efforts, we will work together with pulemei to create a brilliant tomorrow




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