Appreciation of European and American style bedroo

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Decoration can be said to create infinite possibilities in a limited space. Different permutations and combinations of different items can create different aesthetic feelings. Even the same decoration style can bring different effects. Today, Xiaobian will take the bedroom as an example to share a group of European and American bedroom decoration renderings for your reference

the lovely and special room not only heightens the side plate and bed screen, but also has a small modeling table above the bed screen, which can be placed with some decorations. The lattice mixed color wallpaper enriches the space effect

the built-in wardrobe is flat and perfect, and the visibility of the door cover is larger and more convenient to use. For girls with more jewelry or elderly people with more collections, door covering products will be more suitable. When the door is opened, clothes and collections can be seen at a glance, which makes matching more convenient and selection faster

the master bedroom is warm, fashionable, dark and elegant, and the room is relatively large, so setting a stool at the end of the bed is one of the representative decorations of European style, which can also improve the quality from the details

exquisite lighting, upholstered bedside background more expensive. The ceiling with high design makes the space appear more spacious

the bed of the bedroom is matched with the bed decoration by gorgeous atmosphere, and the other three walls are decorated with dark solid wood, absorbing excess light and creating a magnificent scene

the pink orange master bedroom in the bedroom is matched with lotus root purple classical furniture and bed sets, presenting a refined American style bedroom

maybe you like the lovely girl style, or the elegant lady style, or the gorgeous lady style. No matter which kind, come to the decoration bidding platform to participate in the decoration bidding, tell the designer to help you design your dream bedroom for free




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