The hottest price of Shahe glass is still higher o

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On April 18, the quotation of Shahe glass was still upward

on April 18, 2016, safety panel 3. 5mm/3。 7mm/3。 8mm/4。 8mm up 0. 1 yuan/square meter; Dejin small board 3. 5mm up 0. 1 yuan/square meter; Marine plate 3. 5mm/4。 8mm up 0. 1 yuan/square meter, other manufacturers have not changed yet

the Shahe market was OK yesterday, the production and sales rate of production enterprises increased, and the price also continued to rise. Affected by the early warning of price rise in the later stage, traders also want to buy at a low price as much as possible and sell at a high price in the later stage, so the delivery volume has increased. Judging from the dealers' delivery situation, the current small board specifications are better, but the Shahe price also forms a certain pressure on the market, which will inevitably make the steel strand receive the effect of dynamic or impact load, and it may still be adjusted slightly in the short term

global glass (www. is expected to double again in the next 20 years)

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