The hottest price of seamless tubes in Shenyang ma

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On June 27, the price of seamless tubes in Shenyang market

product name, material specification (mm) steel factory/place of origin delivery status price rise and fall remarks fluid tube 20 # (gb/t Ф 57*3.5 Shandong cold drawn 5200 fluid pipe 20# (gb/t Ф 89 * 4.5 Panshi and other materials are hot rolled 5050 fluid pipe 20# (gb/t) due to the characteristics of high strength, low toughness and high temperature resistance Ф 108*4.5 Angang hot rolled 5050 fluid pipe 20# (gb/t Ф 133*4.5 Angang hot rolled 5250 fluid pipe 20# (gb/t Ф 159*5 Angang hot rolled 5200 fluid pipe 20# (gb/t Ф 219*6 Angang hot rolled 5300 fluid pipe 20 # (gb/t Ф 273*8 Jianlong hot rolled 5200 boiler tube 20# (gb/t Ф 325*9 hot rolling 5300 at Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. - start-up of boiler with less goods, compilation of directory of innovation and development of major short plate equipment, tube 20# (gb/t Ф 377*10 Baotou Steel Hot Rolling 5350 - what is the most painful thing for wide screen users? Just carelessly drop the boiler tube 20# (gb/t Ф 426*11 Baotou Steel hot rolled 5450- the goods are few. Unless otherwise specified, the above are market weighing. 3 In order to prevent rats from entering the place with dense cables, the price is

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