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Today's price of Shanghai Petrochemical PP

today's quotation of Shanghai Petrochemical PP: then at 200 ℃, lazhong drawing t300/fiber material y1600 system shows calibration zero point/fiber material y2600 quotation of 10600 yuan/ton; Y3700c/f280so offer 10700 yuan/ton; The quotation of cast film material f800e is 12200 yuan/ton; The quotation of transparent material m800e is 12400 yuan/ton; The quotation of BOPP material f280/f280s is 10600 yuan/ton; The quotation of copolymer m1600e is 12400 yuan/ton, and the quotation of m180r is 11700 yuan/ton; The quotation of m700r is 11700 yuan/ton; The quotation of m2600r is 11800 yuan/ton

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