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Shenzhen jieshengda Technology launched multi-channel 4

multi-channel Ma to Ma signal isolator model example:

example 1: input channel 1:ma; Output channel 1:ma; Output channel 2:ma; Output channel 3:ma; Output channel 4:ma; Generally, the power supply available for more than 100000 times: 24VDC; Product model: din35 1x4 mi-i4-p1-io1

example 2: input channel 1:vdc; Output channel 1: m; Output channel 2: Ma; Output channel 3: Ma; Output channel 4: Ma; Working power supply: 24VDC; Product model: din35 1x4 Mi high availability v1-p1-io1

signal isolator product features:

● ultra thin volume, low cost, standard din35mm guide rail installation method

● three terminal isolation (input, output and working power supply are isolated from each other)

● single channel input and four channel output, Mutual isolation between channels

● high accuracy level (0.1% F.S)

● high linearity (0.1% F.S)

● high isolation withstand voltage (2500vdc/60s)

● very low temperature drift (35ppm/℃)

● industrial temperature range (-45~+85 ℃)

in this sense

● reliable product performance (MTBF> 500000 hours)

● working power supply (5vdc/12vdc)vdc/15vdc/24vdc single power supply and other options)

● international standard signal input and output (0~5v/0~10v/1~5v/4~20ma/0~20ma, etc.)

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