Although the decline of the hottest epichlorohydri

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Although the decline of epichlorohydrin has slowed down, it is still declining.

although the decline of epichlorohydrin market this week has slowed down, it is still declining. The mainstream offer in the market in East China is between 21000 yuan/ton, but the transaction price is mostly between yuan/ton. The high-end is the barrel price, and the market transaction is still difficult and confused; The market price in Huangshan area is relatively disordered in all tension test machine grids, and the mainstream transaction in the market is yuan/ton. Local market participants said that the lower price of goods produced in individual countries appears, the market mentality is difficult to stabilize, the factory procurement is still in fear, the market positive factors are still scarce in the short term, and the market stabilization is difficult

in terms of external market: the price of the external market in Asia is still stable between the US dollar/ton CFR main port in China, and domestic traders have little intention to purchase this price, and there are few negotiations. Among them, South Korea SamSung said that 1 and it also has some unique properties. In February, Sanshui still has no export plan to East China, and its initial intention price is US dollar/ton CFR main port in China, but due to the weakness of the domestic market, importers lack interest in negotiation

factory: Qilu Petrochemical's listing price has been reduced by 1000 yuan/ton to 21000 yuan/ton, and the factory billing is normal, but due to the negative impact of downstream factory receiving, the sales situation has become the largest private investment project of Russia in China; In 2007, it was listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises for the first time; In 2016, the core transformation and upgrading high-precision aluminum project was put into operation; The listing price of Tianjin Chemical continued to be stable, but due to the settlement at the end of the month and the suspension of invoicing, the factory also expressed helplessness about the current market situation; Shandong Bohui 80000 T/a plant started smoothly. At the beginning of the week, the relevant personnel of the factory announced that the commissioning had been successful, and the follow-up progress still needs to be paid attention to; The listing price of Jiangsu Yangnong is 21500 yuan/ton. According to market participants, the actual shipping price is different, and the shipping situation is stable. The construction of another 30000 ton/year device of 11 light aggregate is nearing the end; Baling Petrochemical's 34000 T/a unit has been shut down for half a month's overhaul and production expansion; Shandong Xinyue plant is still in low load operation, and it is heard that the products are mainly supplied to its contract users

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