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Shenzhen port introduces life detectors to prevent illegal immigration

Shenzhen port introduces life detectors to prevent illegal immigration

recently, Shekou Container terminal has taken adequate measures in the security of Shenzhen port terminals. According to the relevant person in charge of the terminal, the terminal and "Wang Xianhong said that the latest port security facilities were launched synchronously at the New York port of the United States for the first time last year, and two sophisticated life detectors were officially" on duty "at the terminal gate. All inbound container trucks must pass their monitoring to effectively prevent the occurrence of terrorist and illegal immigration incidents

Shenzhen port was earlier incorporated into the "container security agreement" (CSI) by the United States, which is a new measure taken by the United States to ensure the safety of inbound containers. According to the agreement, the United States will carry out excellent inspection on the load that the permanent elongation of containers from the corresponding ports included in CSI reaches a specified value, and the customs clearance time of goods in the United States can be greatly shortened. In order to strengthen port security measures, Shekou Container Terminal took the lead in introducing the first two DKL life detectors from the United States to detect incoming containers, which is the first in China

it is reported that the life detector is the most advanced search and rescue and detection instrument in the world at present. It mainly finds out the location of "living people" by sensing the electric field (generated by the heart) generated by the ultra-low frequency radio waves emitted by the human body. Experts said that the position adjustment of the a-opposite pulley sent by the human body is improper, and the ultra-low frequency electric field can penetrate the reinforced concrete wall, steel plate, wood board, and even water. Therefore, as long as a person is alive, whether he is awake, unconscious, trapped in a pile of rubble, or hidden in a container, he can be found in the shortest time with a life detector

according to Wang Yihong, director of safety and maximum size crack safety of Shekou Container Terminal, the cost of each life monitor introduced by Shekou Container Terminal this time is more than 300000 Hong Kong dollars. The relevant person in charge of the wharf said that with the continuous increase of berths at the wharf, more life detectors may be purchased to strengthen the security of the wharf

it can be seen at the entrance gate of Shekou Container terminal that the life detector is light and light, and its shape resembles a pistol. The staff pulled out the antenna of the detector, held it in their hands, and tested the container trucks entering the wharf one by one. According to the staff, if there is someone in the container, the parameters of the detector will remind the user, and the operation is very simple

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