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Chengdu shopping malls stopped using plastic bags to guide environmental shopping

Xinhua Chengdu, October 20 (Xiao Lin) on the 20th, shopping malls such as Chengdu Metro and Chengdu Department Store temporarily stopped providing plastic bags to customers, and promoted environmental bags to customers in different preferential ways to convey the concept of environmental protection to citizens

On the 20th, Aunt Liu, who went shopping at Metro mall, found that the mall did not sell plastic bags that day, but had to bring their own paper bags, cloth bags, or use the cardboard boxes provided by the mall to take away the goods. Chengdu Department store and Renhe Spring Department Store implemented environmental protection measures on the 20th, replacing plastic bags with free paper bags. The department store also posted environmental protection. Shopping paper bags may be an environmental protection initiative to reuse under the same conditions. Renhe Spring Department store also said that it would completely cancel the supply of plastic bags in the future

Carrefour's five stores in Chengdu also launched environmental protection activities from the 20th to the 21st. During this period, consumers can hold 10 plastic bags and cash receipts and exchange a beautiful and strong environmental protection cloth bag for free. In addition, after the environmental protection shopping bags purchased by Carrefour are damaged, they can be exchanged for new ones for free

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