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Shunde Hongfu launched Tanaka Astro series positive water transfer inks

our news: after launching Tanaka PPX series versatile inks, Shunde Hongfu Trading Co., Ltd. has another key promotion - Tanaka Astro series is outputting comprehensive results of surface water transfer inks, which have come out recently

considering that transfer inks have always been used in plastic products, mainly for heat transfer and reverse transfer, resulting in the shortcomings of high waste rate due to inaccurate alignment, Tanaka Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan has implemented the consistent spirit of steady innovation. Many years ago, it has focused on research and produced an ink that can be used for direct printing and positive water transfer last year, Astro series. This series of inks is a kind of low-temperature drying one liquid ink with excellent adhesion, which can be used not only in direct printing and water transfer printing on a variety of plastics, but also in metal coating plates, glass, ceramics and other materials

astro series inks can transfer on the front and peel off the surface film after transfer, leaving only the pattern ink itself, which makes the surface of the printed object look like the main market of packaging into plastic processing machinery for direct printing, so as to better improve the grade and printing effect of products. It has been widely used in the printing of high-grade products in Europe, Japan, Thailand and other places, such as helmet, racket, fishing rod, toy cosmetics packaging, etc. This series of inks are safe and environmentally friendly inks that fully meet the metal content standards of the toy industry and food packaging industry in Europe and Japan. (excerpted from Xiao Hong, China Packaging News, November 9, 2000)

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