Infighting in the hottest digital printing market

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As the saying goes, where there is homogeneity, there is competition. Personalized printing and digital printing experience center derived from digital printing technology reflect a kind of competition between Graphic Express Printing Enterprises. For the suppliers of graphic and text testing machines that need to check frequently, how to provide differentiated services and how to make printing enterprises enjoy simpler one-stop services are the key for suppliers to stand out from this secret war

as the global digital printing market with the strongest growth, the charm of the Chinese market is that it can always be independent. When mature markets such as Europe and the United States are trapped in the financial crisis for most of the use of high molecular polymers, the Chinese market continues to maintain steady growth driven by strong domestic demand

but this does not mean that the Chinese market is a happy place. Many digital printing giants from Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Kodak and so on converge here. At the same time, they are facing challenges from young Chinese enterprises. The intensity of this competition can be described as tragic. Mr. Xu Zhenggang, president of Fuji Xerox Greater China, said that the profits of this industry have become very low

let's look back on the coming February. First, Kodak officially announced that it would give up the camera business and go all out to expand its digital business. Second, on February 16, founder electronics and HP jointly held the HP indigo 5600 new machine press conference. Two domestic and foreign IT giants jointly launched the digital printing market. Then, Fuji Xerox, which coincided with the establishment of this year for 50 years, released its future strategic plan to the national media in Shanghai on February 22. No matter whether Kodak, the former film giant, can really get out of bankruptcy, its deep foundation in the field of digital printing will also have a great impact on competitors in the digital printing market. Similarly, the joint efforts of HP and founder electronics have also invested a heavy bomb in the competition in China's digital printing market, Mr. Xu Zhenggang, President of Fuji Xerox Greater China, also showed Fuji Xerox's ambition in China's digital printing market at the strategic planning communication meeting

there is no doubt that the sustained and steady growth of China's digital printing market is only superficial, behind which is the increasingly fierce competition. As Mr. Xu Zhenggang, President of Fuji Xerox Greater China, said, suppliers such as Fuji Xerox, HP and Konica Minolta all have a large number of product lines. When exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, each product line has a different market share as the utilization scope and scope of glass pipes are expanding, and at the same time, it faces different market demands, These comprehensive factors determine the complexity of the digital printing market

on the other hand, different from the competition mode of the traditional offset printing market, the comprehensive solutions advocated by more and more equipment suppliers in the field of digital printing make them need to consider new models to let customers accept their services. This is not just selling a device, but the business plan and even the model proposed by the enterprise. The experience center is such a product, This concept is not unfamiliar, but it is relatively new in the field of printing. Fuji Xerox's digital printing experience hall in Shanghai often makes people misunderstand that they have entered the office area of a digital printing enterprise. It is easy to find out why printing enterprises should give up traditional offset printing and choose digital printing here

the digital printing experience center reflects a way of competition among enterprises, but it also has a somewhat homogeneous trend. How to provide differentiated services for suppliers and how to make printing enterprises enjoy simpler one-stop services are the key for suppliers to stand out from this secret war

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