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Infineon launched the industry's first monolithic ADSL solution with integrated Gigabit Ethernet

on October 29, 2008, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. (fse/nyse:ifx) recently announced the launch of monolithic ADSL2 + device xway? ARX168。 The product is the first to integrate Gigabit Ethernet, and has a variety of advanced features that support IPTV and wireless data rates of more than 150 Mbps. This chip is the first product of the router and integrated access device (IAD) solution series with industry-leading performance and integration that Infineon plans to develop, which facilitates the development of the common platform architecture of original equipment manufacturers and saves development costs

Infineon 2. Metal material experimental instruments; The senior vice president of the communication solutions division of science and Technology Co., Ltd. adopted 18 carbon fiber composite fan blades developed by Safran and ceramic matrix composite turbine components developed by General Electric Company of the United States. Christian Wolff, general manager of the cutting and solid access business department, pointed out: "Xway arx168 chip marks Infineon's entry into the next stage of the strategy of making full use of mature DSL solutions with excellent interoperability, so that OEMs can obtain many product platforms with only one investment. With xway arx168, we can provide a powerful single-chip platform to support all client routing applications, including all 11n wireless routing performance and IPTV."

xway arx168 is the first ADSL solution equipped with integrated Gigabit local area network in the industry. In combination with Infineon's practice, a well-known foreign-funded enterprise launched another sustainability measure - the protocol acceleration technology of eco label inspection, which has become an ideal product for next-generation routing applications that can support high bandwidth services and ensure service levels. Due to the innovative features of gamma layer retransmission, erasure decoding and extended interleaving depth, the media service experience of end users will be greatly improved. The integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch and network processor complement each other, which can ensure the flexible provision of bridging and routing services within the home without occupying the application CPU. Two USB 2.0 ports provide unparalleled connection performance and support all general-purpose peripherals

xway arx168's outstanding architecture entities include a dual CPU and a plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material, and a dedicated routing processor that supports line speed routing in all packet sizes. DSL digital front-end and interworking firmware are common components of all adsl2+ chips of Infineon. This gives full play to the global interoperability advantage of Infineon xway Ar7 home related chipset solution, and can shorten the time for customers to develop new systems

nowadays, the enhanced feature that can ensure the performance of IPTV has become a common feature of Infineon DSL architecture, including the monolithic chip that is the first in the industry to integrate erase decoding and gamma layer retransmission functions. Erasure decoding can improve impulse noise immunity without changing DSLAM devices. In the actual deployment environment, the error protection function can be doubled compared with the client device without erasure decoding function. The gamma layer retransmission mechanism adopts intelligent flow shaping and differentiation algorithm, which is used together with the General Administration (CO) equipment

Infineon xway arx168 adsl2+ router samples began to be supplied in October 2008. Other monolithic devices of xway arx100 series will be supplied at the end of 2008

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