Industry analysis of thermal power industry

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Industry analysis of the electrical industry

to study the development ideas of the electrical industry, it is necessary to analyze the basic characteristics of the electrical industry in order to have a definite goal

-- the electrical industry has not only major technical complete sets of equipment serving the power industry, such as power generation equipment, high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, but also many large-scale power distribution and consumption equipment serving all walks of life, including providing various supporting electrical products for major equipment required by all departments of the national economy. The former has high technology content, complex manufacturing process, large capital investment and long production cycle. Its service object, the power industry, is also the country's basic industry, is an important economic lifeline, has a wide range of influence, and requires a high degree of safety and reliability. Private enterprises are not easy to enter this field, and large state-owned economy will still play a leading role. The latter is relatively full of recycled plastic raw material particles. Except for a few products, the general technical content is low, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, the required capital investment is less, and the production cycle is short, which is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, in recent years, private enterprises in these fields have developed rapidly. In some small industries, such as low-voltage electrical appliances, differential motors and other industries, private enterprises have played an important role that cannot be ignored

-- there are many categories of electrical industry, with a total of more than 30 small industries. These industries are closely linked, highly correlated, and multi-level (primary and secondary supporting), which need to promote each other and coordinate development. In particular, the performance and quality of some basic supporting products and materials, such as electrical components, insulating materials, electrical alloys, etc., are directly related to the performance and quality of the supporting host

-- compared with general mechanical products, electrical products should not only meet certain mechanical performance requirements, but also meet certain electrical performance standards. The influence of electrical products is large, such as power generation equipment and high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, ranging from an enterprise to a city, a province or even a region. Therefore, the safety and reliability requirements of electrical products are particularly high. Therefore, it is necessary to have perfect test and detection methods, and some products must be subject to mandatory safety certification

-- energy is an important factor restricting the economic development of all countries at present. Electrical products are directly related to the generation, transmission and use of electric energy. Some, such as boilers, are also major energy consumers of primary energy. Therefore, it is a very important work to improve the energy utilization rate of electrical products, reduce losses and save energy

refers to its biggest highlight lies in the core element of each pair of running shoes - the midsole guiding principle

research on the development ideas of the electrical industry in the next decade should follow the following principles: the principle of facing the market. Under the conditions of socialist market economy, between manufacturing enterprises and users, we should completely change the past. We should produce what users want, and try our best to meet the requirements of users. In fact, after the reform and opening up, the electrical industry, like the whole country, has formed the localization of international competition and the internationalization of the domestic market. With China's entry into WTO, the integration of domestic and international markets will be accelerated in both breadth and depth. In view of the diversified needs of the international market, the electrical industry must comprehensively revise, improve and implement the relevant IEC, ISO and other advanced international standards to meet the supply needs of the international market, so as to meet the diversified requirements of the international market to the greatest extent. We should shift from focusing on marketing to developing and producing more products needed by the international market, so as to effectively expand the international market and highlight the key principles. The electrical industry has a wide range of services. To do a good job of serving users, we must first meet the needs of national key projects and major technical equipment for electrical products. From the inside of the electrical industry, there are many product categories and enterprises in the industry, and their internal relations are very close. We must focus on those major complete sets of equipment and key products that have a great impact on the national economy and the development of the electrical industry itself and have high technical requirements to drive the development of the whole industry, and strive to form a situation of mutual promotion and coordinated development with general focus and general focus. At the same time, the State implements strategic adjustment to the state-owned economy. The overall goal is to improve the quality of the state-owned economy and the quality of state-owned assets as a whole. There must be progress and retreat, and there must be something to do and something not to do. Therefore, the development of the electrical industry must highlight the key points, and better drive the development of the whole industry by focusing on key projects, key complete sets of equipment, key products and key enterprises

principles of technological innovation. With the acceleration of technological progress, technology has become the most important factor of production. The rapid progress of technology makes technological advantage an important competitive advantage. The competition between countries and enterprises has shifted from focusing on resources and costs in the past to focusing on technology and management because nanotubes enter the interior of composites without affecting large-scale carbon fibers

scientific and technological progress and innovation, first, we should develop high technology, realize industrialization, and strive to occupy the commanding heights of science and technology; Second, we should use modern technology to transform traditional products and traditional processes. We should correctly handle the relationship between the introduction of technology and innovation, and put our foothold on improving the ability of independent innovation

development priorities

combined with the actual situation of the electrical industry, the product development priorities of the electrical industry in the next 10 years are three aspects

I. major technical complete sets of equipment required by national key engineering construction projects 1. There are two main aspects to continue to pay attention to. The technology is mature. In the future, 300000, 600000 kW Subcritical Units and 110000 ~ 500000 V AC high-voltage transmission and transformation complete sets of equipment, which are still the main equipment of China's power industry, improve efficiency, reduce losses and ensure safe and reliable operation

2. Pay close attention to the existing supporting projects, and major complete sets of equipment with commodities and markets can be formed in recent ten years. It is planned to rely on Henan Qinbei Power Plant to develop 600000 kW and above large supercritical units; Relying on Sichuan Baima power plant, develop 200000 and 300000 kW large circulating fluidized bed units (CFBC); Relying on Qinshan Phase II project to develop 600000 kW nuclear power units, and relying on Lingao phase III project to improve the localization rate of 900000 kW nuclear power units; Relying on the Three Gorges project, develop 700000 kW large hydropower units and AC and DC 500kV high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, and master the core technology of 840mva large transformer and SF6 fully enclosed switchgear (GIS); Relying on Zhangjiawan power station in Hebei and Tai'an power station in Shandong, develop 300000 kW large pumped storage units; Develop large tubular units of 30000 kW and above; Relying on urban rail transit projects, develop supporting transmission and electric drive control equipment and corresponding key components; Relying on urban and rural electricity reform

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