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Industrial robots in high-risk positions: they are not afraid of high temperature "iron brothers"

Xinjiang news (Yu Xi reported) they are not afraid of high temperature of 2000 ℃, smoke and dust, and strong light. On April 29, walking into the fourth calcium carbide workshop of Xinjiang Zhongtai mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., one intelligent tapping robot with great power was skillfully performing production operations

"these are the most courageous' employees' in our workshop. They have excellent skills, accurate technology, don't lose their temper, don't get angry, and have a particularly correct working attitude." Tengxiaobei, assistant director of workshop 4, said with a smile that these robots can not only ensure product quality, but also greatly improve production efficiency

in front of a blazing calcium carbide furnace, an orange intelligent discharging robot quickly grabbed various production tools and approached the hot furnace mouth without fear, sharp 6 The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases, which improves the accuracy of the experimental results. Large or stuck phenomena can complete a series of difficult actions such as opening and blocking furnace holes and draining calcium carbide in the furnace at 2000 ℃. With the help of its divine power, pots of hot calcium carbide came out

in recent years, Xinjiang Zhongtai mining and metallurgy No. 3 Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 1.4 million tons of calcium carbide with the help of the handling and stability of intelligent tapping robot. 1. It is an arc synchronous gear belt and human-computer interaction characteristics

Xu Boren is the monitor of the firing squad of the fourth workshop. He witnessed the whole process of calcium carbide furnace from manual firing to robot firing. In his eyes, the intelligent robot is his "iron brother" with his colleagues. "In the past, when working manually, a little carelessness would lead to accidents such as burns and scalds." Xu Boren said that now, with the help of "die hard brothers", the labor intensity of workers has been reduced and the safety factor has been improved

in 2013, the research and development project of intelligent furnace discharging robot of Xinjiang Zhongtai mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. was included in the tough agenda; In 2015, the first intelligent baking robot was successfully debugged; At present, the company has 60 intelligent production robots. "Innovation is the first driving force, and we are determined to achieve high-quality development through scientific and technological innovation." Changjiang Jun, the director of Xinjiang Zhongtai mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., said that the investment of Intelligent Furnace robots from R & D to investment has cost more than 100million yuan, making the company's capacity release rate reach 114%, and the comprehensive energy consumption level is leading in the industry


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