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Create noble hot stamping fashion choose high-quality hot stamping paper

hot stamping effect is loved by people because of its clear, beautiful, colorful, dazzling, wear-resistant, weather resistant and many other advantages. In order to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect, it is not only necessary to master skilled operation skills, but also to select the appropriate model of products for hot stamping different materials, and select the appropriate temperature, pressure, hot stamping time, etc

there are many products on the market. Today, I'd like to introduce a Suzhou Lizheng bronzing paper. It is made of high-grade materials, fine workmanship and high quality. Its high-quality products and services have won the respect of the majority of users

bronzing paper

it is composed of polyester film (PET) and multi-layer chemical coating coated on its surface. The thickness of polyester film is usually 12 microns. Some of the coatings are used to produce decorative effects, while others are used to control the performance of bronzing paper. Different coatings are applicable to different substrates. The function of the aluminum layer is to produce reflective effect, which is formed when the aluminum wire is condensed on the bronzing paper under ultra-low vacuum after high temperature melting and sublimation

characteristics of bronzing paper: the best temperature for hot stamping is degrees. Please select different models of hot stamping according to different hot stamping substrates and patterns. Therefore, 1. It is necessary to regularly check the temperature and vibration of the mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as the internal wires and other gold papers for trial ironing

the hot stamping area is wider, including three types. It is distributed as hot stamping small strokes (special for small area), 6*6mm field hot stamping (general type) and 10*10mm field hot stamping (special for large area)

specification of bronzing paper: 0.64M wide * 120m long/roll; It can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as 240m/roll, 360m/roll, etc

precautions for storage of bronzing paper: store PVC pipes with a diameter of 1m at normal temperature, moisture-proof, pressure proof and sun proof

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