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With the development of social politics, economy and culture, the competition among various media has reached a white hot level. The traditional accounting system uses items such as direct labor to sum up indirect expenses and the cost of supporting activities. How to attract more readers and how to improve their market share is an important issue in front of all kinds of media

as the representative of traditional media, the newspaper market is more competitive. All kinds of newspapers are constantly exploring their own potential, highlighting their own characteristics, in order to attract more readers' attention, improve market share and improve advertising revenue

if a newspaper wants to strengthen its competitive strength, it is undoubtedly a very important means to broadcast the latest news earlier; At the same time, it is also important to increase the page size to improve the information carrying capacity of the newspaper. A newspaper often reaches 20. There are many ways to treat lacrimal duct obstruction, such as repeatedly washing the lacrimal duct, string the lacrimal duct, injecting gel into the lacrimal duct, mechanical probing, laser probing, inserting artificial lacrimal duct, and even cutting the lacrimal sac and nasal cavity for direct surgery. In some periods, the special issue will reach 50-60 pages. In the pursuit of more substantial and faster content, it should be noted that the social influence of newspapers is very huge. Any mistakes in content and layout will bring adverse social and economic impact. In particular, as the mouthpiece of the party and the government, the impact of any error is unbearable

from the above, it can be seen that it is very important for newspapers to improve the production efficiency and accuracy of newspapers. Only by improving the production efficiency, can they have more time to collect, compile manuscripts, and make impact experiments with film pendulum impact testing machine, so as to publish the latest reports in the fastest time; At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy while improving the speed, otherwise it will be unimaginable later

in the production process of the existing newspapers, most of the proofreading and checking of the contents of the layout is to use the ordinary A3 format laser printer to disassemble or shrink the pages for output, and then conduct manual collage. Finally, the whole layout can be checked. The whole link has a long cycle and is prone to errors, which is not conducive to improving the work efficiency, especially for the newspapers with large format and a large number of pages, It has seriously hindered the whole work process. It can be roughly estimated that for a 16 page folio newspaper, if the A3 laser printer is used for page splitting output, at least 32 pages of A3 proofs will be output, and the collage work will also be carried out. Both the printing speed of proofs and the speed of manual collage are not satisfactory. In case of the "two sessions" and "World Cup", the layout will often be adjusted, Then such proofing output speed can not meet the requirements at all, but also hinders the work

how can we effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of the newspaper, so as to achieve a perfect unity between the two? Advanced technology gives us the answer. Taking the founder large format black-and-white laser format printing system launched by Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University as an example, the system organically combines the proofing system software with the large format high-speed laser printer. The output equipment of the system adopts the high-speed printing principle of LED laser mode, and the output resolution is 400DPI, which fully meets the requirements of newspaper proofing; The maximum printing paper width is 594mm, which can output the full page newspaper at one time, eliminating the process of manual Collage; Realize the high-speed paper feeding of 80mm per second, and quickly print the four open and split proofs. The system adopts imported laser printer, which is well designed and has a long service life. With the equipment control software, the working status is displayed at a glance and the operation is simple. The system can use domestic web paper, and the cost is close to that of ordinary A3 laser printer. It is suitable for long-term printing with large amount of work, and is very in line with the requirements of the newspaper working environment

to sum up, the use of Founder large format black-and-white laser layout printing system can effectively solve the problems encountered by newspaper users in layout printing, which will help promote product innovation and provide strong support for the development of smaller devices in the field of utilization, such as slow speed, small format, more additional work, serious waste, etc., and reduce the processes such as page splitting and page shrinking forced by the printer format, It greatly improves the printing speed of the newspaper format proofs, greatly shortens the time of the whole format inspection, greatly improves the production efficiency, and gives the newspaper more time to collect, adjust the content and layout, which is conducive to improving the quality of the newspaper content to the greatest extent, and finally improving the market competitiveness of the newspaper and gaining market advantages. It can be seen that the introduction of advanced technology in the newspaper process according to the actual situation of the newspaper office is an effective way to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the newspaper

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