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Embracing the future, Jiangling group led the transformation and upgrading of Jiangxi automobile industry. On December 30, 2016, the new energy automobile industry and intelligent Joint Development Forum (themed "innovation, green, interconnection and opportunity", sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Commission of industry and information technology and Jiangling Automobile Group) was held in Nanchang. On december30,2016, the new energy automobile industry and intelligent Joint Development Forum (themed innovation, green, interconnection and opportunity, sponsored by Jiangxi Provincial Commission of industry and information technology and Jiangling Motor Corporation) was held in Nanchang

it was learned at the forum that the sales of new energy vehicles in Jiangxi Province achieved explosive growth in 2015, with the sales of complete vehicles reaching 7041, a year-on-year increase of 12.8 times, and the sales of lithium-ion power batteries 0.3gwh, a year-on-year increase of 13.6 times. In January this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the province reached 16900, continuing to maintain a doubling development trend. The sales volume of Jiangling new energy has ranked among the top ten in the same industry in China; Funeng technology and foster entered the catalogue of enterprises with standard conditions for automotive power battery industry (the fourth batch) issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology

Li Peigen, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (former president of Huazhong University of science and Technology), national new energy steam is derived from sine wave function formula; (2) The electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing machine can only produce sine waves. Ouyangminggao (Professor of Tsinghua University), the chief scientist of the key special project of the waveform car, Li Keqiang (Professor of Tsinghua University), the national expert in the field of new energy vehicles, Leng Xinsheng, the Secretary of the Party group of Jiangxi Provincial Commission of industry and information technology, Guo An, the mayor of Nanchang City, and Qiu Tian, the chairman of Jiangling Automobile Group (hereinafter referred to as Jiangling group), attended the forum

relevant experts and scholars discussed hot issues such as the development trend of new energy vehicle industry and intelligent combination, the management of new energy vehicle three electricity system and technology, and agreed that low-carbon, informatization and networking are the development direction of future vehicles. New energy vehicles and intelligent combination vehicles, as carriers, have become the focus of automobile industry competition in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment. Those who can really stand in the tide will be those enterprises with innovation ability, core technology and brand effect

Jiangxi has a complete automobile industry system

the automobile industry is an industry with comparative advantages and development potential in Jiangxi Province, and it is also a pillar industry to be cultivated

in recent years, Jiangxi Province has implemented the five development concepts, taking passenger cars and new energy vehicles as a breakthrough, and actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry through the implementation of major projects, intelligent transformation and technological innovation. After a period of rapid and steady development, the industrial structure has been significantly optimized, the technology has made continuous progress, and the foundation has become more solid. The whole industry has formed a complete industrial system with Jiangling group, Changhe Automobile and other vehicle enterprises as the leaders, and parts industrial bases such as Xiaolan economic development Zone, Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Fuzhou high tech Zone as the supporting facilities. By the end of 2015, the whole vehicle production capacity was nearly 1million, and the main business income of the industry reached 117.2 billion yuan. This year, passenger cars have taken advantage of the momentum to drive the rapid development of the industry. In June, the automobile output of the province was 403000, a year-on-year increase of 21.9%, of which the passenger car output was 178000, a year-on-year increase of 56%. The annual automobile output can exceed 500000, a record high; The output of passenger cars can exceed 240000, keeping pace with that of commercial vehicles

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Jiangxi Province seized the opportunity of the national new energy vehicle promotion and application demonstration pilot, and actively cultivated and developed the new energy vehicle industry. The whole province has basically established a complete industrial system from complete vehicles to key parts of the three power system. The power battery has formed a development pattern with a variety of technical routes such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials and lithium titanate. Funeng technology's ternary lithium-ion power battery technology has been in the leading position in China, and the drive motor and electric control system have also made breakthroughs

the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the development of the automobile industry. In the opinions on the implementation of made in China 2025 issued by the provincial government, the traditional automobile is listed as a growth industry, and the new energy automobile is listed as a nurturing industry, which should be focused on building and giving priority to development

in 2016, Jiangxi province continued to increase its support for the new energy vehicle industry, and successively formulated the 13th five year plan for the development of new energy vehicles in Jiangxi Province and the implementation plan for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Jiangxi Province as long as they are not monopoly industries. While vigorously developing the new energy automobile industry, relevant enterprises are also actively deploying smart cars. Jiangling refitted vehicles use IOT, intelligent sensors and other information. The microcomputer controlled universal experimental machines produced by Jinan new era testing instruments Co., Ltd. are all in line with national and international production standard technologies. They have developed intelligent ambulances and realized the synchronous and collaborative operation of vehicles and hospitals

leading the transformation and upgrading of Jiangxi automobile industry

qiutiangao, chairman of Jiangling group, said in his speech at the forum that energy saving and new energy vehicles were listed as one of the ten key areas of the "made in China 2025" power strategy, which marks that building an automobile power has officially risen to a national strategy and become an inevitable major mission of the automobile industry

on October 26, 2016, at the 2016 annual meeting of the Chinese society of engineering, the technology roadmap for energy saving and new energy vehicles was officially released. The roadmap describes the development blueprint of China's automotive industry technology in the next 15 years. New energy vehicles will gradually become mainstream products, and the smart car technology will produce a series of original scientific and technological achievements, which will be effectively popularized and applied

as the leader of the automobile industry in Jiangxi Province, Jiangling Group actively responded to the national strategic layout for the development of new energy vehicles, racing against time, making progress with the strong, and carrying forward the spirit of down-to-earth Jiangxi people to control the fast, quickly established Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. at the beginning of last year. In less than two years, the company has sold more than 20000 pure electric vehicles, ranking seventh in the sales of pure electric vehicles in China, and has established the three electric laboratories, preliminarily mastering the three key core technologies of the whole vehicle system integration and matching ability, the whole vehicle control system, the electric drive system and the battery management system

on december27,2016, the annual output of 50000 pure electric passenger vehicles of Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. passed the approval of the national development and Reform Commission, becoming the seventh enterprise in China to successfully obtain the production qualification

at present, the automobile industry is undergoing great changes. The automobile has gradually become a mobile tool for intelligent travel, and the intelligent connection technology is changing with each passing day

to this end, Jiangling group is actively exploring ----

Jiangling refitted vehicle company independently researched and developed Jiangling IOT intelligent ambulance by using IOT technology and intelligent sensing technology, realizing the four integration of ambulances, namely, structural integration, electrical automation, system networking and information intelligence

Jiangling shares also closely follows the general trend of the future automobile industry, and has launched comprehensive strategic cooperation with Unicom smart technology, titanium carriage Union and Hengrun technology to establish an exclusive Internet + cloud platform. It is upgrading from an automobile manufacturer and distributor to a new generation of comprehensive travel service operators

this year, Jiangling group is expected to achieve a sales volume of 400000 vehicles and a revenue of RMB 64billion. Both indicators have increased by more than 20% year-on-year, which is far higher than the average growth rate of China's automobile industry, and successfully completed the annual goals and tasks

in 2017, the whole vehicle sales volume of Jiangling group will exceed 500000, and the revenue is expected to reach 80billion yuan

as early as 2014, Jiangling group determined the 20115 strategy, that is, by 2020, to achieve the production and sales of 1million vehicles and the sales revenue of 150billion. Among them, the strategic goal of new energy electric vehicles of Jiangling group is to obtain 10% of the domestic electric vehicle market share

in the transformation and upgrading plan for innovation driven industries in the Yangtze River Economic Belt issued by the national development and Reform Commission in March 2016, Jiangxi and Nanchang were mentioned 27 times, and Nanchang and other places were proposed as the core to improve the automobile manufacturing and supporting industry chain, vigorously develop the new energy automobile industry and create an automobile manufacturing industry cluster

Jiangling group is located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It will make use of policy advantages such as industrial clusters and combine its own advantages to fight a tough battle for the new energy automobile industry and intelligence

at present, Chinese enterprises, especially automobile enterprises, are facing more intense market competition. Industrial development must seek scale effect, participate in global resource allocation and market sharing, and seek capital and industrial resource integration in many ways. It is not enough for the future development of enterprises to rely solely on the past development mode of internal resource accumulation, but to achieve leapfrog development through external resource integration

in June this year, Jiangling group formulated a medium - and long-term capital plan, hoping to achieve an efficient combination of industry and finance by creating an industry-oriented and financial oriented integration, and boost the rapid development of Jiangling group with the power of capital

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