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On August 21, the listed company Longpan Technology (603906) announced that on August 20, Longpan held the 15th meeting of the second session of the board of directors to conduct a number of performance experiments on various materials, such as stretching, tightening, twisting, peeling and shearing, The proposal on the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries by the company in Singapore was reviewed and passed. According to the announcement, in order to expand the overseas market, speed up the strategic layout of the international development of Longpan technology, expand the sales share of the company's lubricants, antifreeze and other vehicle environmental protection fine chemicals in Southeast Asia and other international markets, and further strengthen the company's competitiveness in the international market, Longpan plans to invest US $2million to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore - Longpan Technology (Singapore) Co., Ltd

as one of the leading enterprises in the domestic lubricant field in China, the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore is an important decision made by Longpan based on the overall consideration of the future international development strategic layout and the radiation of the Southeast Asian market. For this reason, Longpan has specially hired Mr. fengyongming, a senior scientific and technological expert in the lubricant industry and the former general manager of Asia Pacific region of American Everton, as the head of Longpan Singapore. Mr. fengyongming is a Singaporean nationality and is very familiar with the Southeast Asian lubricant market. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the company to expand the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets and enhance the competitiveness of the company in the international market

it is understood that Mr. fengyongming will also serve as the chief scientist of Longpan technology and the president of Longpan Lubrication Research Institute. This time, Mr. fengyongming joined longdsman to increase the biological content of its arnitel eco bio based high-performance polyamide (pa410) to 73%, which will play an important role in promoting the future R & D, innovation and product upgrading of Longpan lubricants

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