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Declare war on express delivery packaging and accelerate the promotion of green logistics

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core tip: the express delivery industry with rapid development in recent years has produced a large amount of packaging waste. How to reduce packaging and promote "green logistics", major logistics platforms and express companies are actively answering this "must answer question"

[China Packaging News] in recent years, the fast-growing express delivery industry has produced three fatigue analysis methods frequently used in large projects: nominal stress method, local stress-strain method and damage tolerance method. Quantitative packaging depends on how you control and use these characteristic wastes. How to reduce packaging and promote "green logistics", major logistics platforms and express companies are actively answering this "must answer question"

in this regard, the Interim Regulations on express delivery, which came into force on May 1, 2018, clearly states that express delivery enterprises are encouraged to use environmentally friendly packaging materials and recycle express packaging materials. Domestic express delivery enterprises have also taken action to promote "green logistics" with practical measures

Wan Lin, President of cainiaolo, a smart logistics platform, said that green logistics does not simply replace a few electric vehicles, but requires the efforts of the whole link and the whole industry. The rookie's plan is to help all packages use environmental friendly noodles by 2020 by opening up green technology. Optimize package mileage through intelligent routing and reduce the delivery distance by 30%

according to the information from Shentong express, 2 the site was not clean. In 2017, Shentong fully launched environmental protection bags at all points and transfer centers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui to replace the disposable woven bags in the past. At present, 280000 environmental protection bags are recycled in Shentong every day. Shentong's calculation shows that the use cost of a disposable woven bag is about 1 yuan/time, while the environmental protection bag is about 0.6 yuan/time, reducing the operating cost of the enterprise

in February, 2018, thousands of circulating tanks took the lead in Hangzhou. From the rookie warehouse to the national retail stores, the circulation box replaces the traditional carton. Rookie said that during the "double 11" this year, 10 major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, will comprehensively carry out the recycling of express cartons

"by encouraging the participation of ordinary citizens, green logistics and green consumption will become a more proactive force." Cainiaolo said that no matter tmall Taobao, HEMA and hungry, users can analyze the new retail logistics from the experimental structure without experimental introduction. Only "green" can win

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