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Today, on behalf of beiren group and Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., I am pleased to attend the "International Printing Industry Development Forum" and have the opportunity to discuss the current situation and future development of the world printing industry with you. I mainly talk about the following two issues

As we all know, China is the printing market with the greatest potential, the fastest development and the best prospects in the world. China's economy has been growing strongly for many years, which has greatly stimulated the rapid growth of China's printing industry. The packaging and printing industry has maintained double-digit growth for 10 consecutive years. Newspapers, books and periodicals, commercial printing and advertising printing have also continued to grow at a high speed. From 2002 to 2004, the total output value of the printing industry increased by an average of 12%, of which books and periodicals increased by 23.6%, packaging and printing increased by 9.3% and newspaper printing increased by 11.9%, It is much higher than the growth rate of the gross national economic output value in the same period

2. development characteristics

in the rapid development of China's printing industry, there are four remarkable characteristics:

① the level of enterprise technology, management, scale and efficiency are uneven, the traditional and modern coexist, and the problem of unbalanced development is still prominent

② three regional printing industry belts, focusing on the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Sea Economic Zone, are rising, which has stimulated the demand for printing machines, and the development momentum of printing machine industry collectivization is strong

③ state owned enterprises are being integrated and restructured, private enterprises are developing rapidly, some have begun to take shape, and Sino foreign joint ventures are increasing. They not only have advantages in the high-end market, but also have certain advantages in scale. In recent years, they are rapidly expanding from the southeast coastal areas of China to the north of China, forming a new pattern of joint development of state-owned, private and foreign-funded printing enterprises

④ breakthroughs have been made in the transformation of traditional printing enterprises with high and new technologies. A new round of technological transformation of printing enterprises marked by computer direct plate making technology and the use of medium and high-speed commercial rotary machines is being carried out nationwide

3. development trend

at present, China's printing market is undergoing profound changes at this time. Small batch, short cycle and high-grade multi-color are becoming the mainstream of the development of the printing industry. Among them, packaging and printing is developing towards Middle and high-grade, multi variety and multi-color; Books and periodicals have been able to meet the basic needs of the domestic market. Printing has developed into more varieties, shorter editions and hardcover; Newspaper printing tends to decrease in types, increase in overall printing volume, and grow rapidly; Bill printing is developing towards personalized and variable data printing technology

at present, in order to survive and develop, printing enterprises not only put forward new and higher requirements for the function automation, intelligence, high speed, high efficiency, multi-color and shortening the auxiliary time of printing machines, but also put forward stricter requirements for the quality, price, service and delivery time of printing machines. The core is to require high quality and low price. It is the eternal theme of our printing machine manufacturing industry to deeply understand the current situation and development trend of China's printing market and continuously meet the market demand

2 countermeasures for beiren to adapt to the market

beiren is the strongest and largest "leading enterprise" in China's printing machine manufacturing industry and the only listed company in the domestic printing machine industry. It has a national technical center with strong development and manufacturing capabilities, and has formed four professional production bases for sheet fed printing machines, web printing machines, gravure printing machines, table machines and flexographic printing machines. In addition, production bases for post press equipment and digital inkjet printing machines are also being formed, with a total of more than 100 specifications and varieties, which is the largest variety of domestic printing machines with the highest technical content Enterprises with the most independent intellectual property rights can fully meet the needs of users at different levels. In 2004, 48 key printing machine manufacturing enterprises in China achieved a total sales revenue of 4.93 billion yuan and a profit of 520million yuan, of which beiren achieved a sales revenue of 1.33 billion yuan and a profit of 125million yuan, accounting for 27% and 24% of the whole industry respectively. While consolidating the middle and low-end market, beiren has made strategic positioning for the development needs of the high-end product market. In five years, the sales of high-end products will account for 80% of the total sales, of which the export volume will account for more than 20%. Beiren will become the largest system supplier in the Asian printing industry

the rapid development of the printing market is both a business opportunity and a challenge to the printing machine manufacturing industry. In order to adapt to the development and changes of the market, beiren will take four measures to actively respond by taking advantage of its own technological advantages, financing advantages, resource advantages, scale and benefit advantages:

1. take advantage of the relocation opportunity to transform traditional industries and establish modern enterprises

according to the important strategic deployment of Beijing's industrial layout adjustment, from 2001 to 2005, There are 134 enterprises with a total area of 6million m2 to complete the task of enterprise relocation, and beiren was listed as one of the 25 units approved for relocation in 2001. Beiren seized this rare historical opportunity and used the funds obtained from land use right replacement to remould the traditional enterprises, combining relocation with technical transformation, process route adjustment, and enterprise reform, restructuring, and reorganization. By 2004, beiren owned enterprises, in addition to Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. being relocated, had Beijing No. 2 printing machinery factory Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. web offset printing machine manufacturing branch, China rare earth Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. sheet fed offset printing machine manufacturing branch, Beiying Casting Co., Ltd. and Haimen beiren Fuji Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., five backbone enterprises, with a total area of 280000 m2, have completed the relocation of enterprises. The new site covers an area of 340000 m2. Through the relocation of the enterprise, the process route is more reasonable, the technical means and management means are more advanced and modernized, which greatly improves beiren's ability to innovate and adapt to the market, creating material conditions for the production of "beiren brand" printing machines with high quality, low price and high cost performance, and improving the equipment level of China's printing industry

2. Taking advantage of the financing advantages of listed companies to accelerate development

beiren is one of the first nine enterprises in China to issue H shares in Hong Kong. After the joint-stock reform, the operation mechanism and management system of the enterprise have entered the ranks of modern enterprise system ahead of time, becoming an enterprise with financing function in the printing machine manufacturing industry. From 2000 to 2003, beiren raised more than 1billion yuan through capital operations such as land use right replacement, enterprise merger and acquisition, and additional issuance of new shares, reorganized and merged four enterprises such as "Shaanxi and India", transformed their own resource advantages into capital advantages, and embarked on a new path of rolling development relying on the capital market. Through capital operation, the pace of beiren's development and growth has been accelerated, the industrial chain has been extended, and the business risks have been dispersed. The number of product series has increased from 4 to 8, and the number of product varieties has increased from 80 to 140. The sales revenue in 2002 has doubled compared with that in 2000. The economic benefits have increased by double digits every year, reaching a record high for four consecutive years. Beiren's core competitiveness and enterprise stamina have been significantly enhanced

3. transnational cooperation improves the level of innovation and speeds up the pace of innovation

since 2000, beiren has accelerated the process of transnational cooperation. Under the guidance of the concept of integrity and win-win, beiren has successfully cooperated with more than 10 international well-known enterprises in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Israel and Romania. It organically combines the world-class technical advantages with the local manufacturing advantages to achieve a complementary win-win situation, which greatly improves the technological innovation level of beiren and shortens the development cycle

① the cooperation between beiren and Germany (mabeg) sizmens, Siemens and Italy (monigraf) Moni has greatly accelerated the research and development speed of domestic split multi-color offset press, and greatly improved the technical level and price performance ratio of beiren multi-color offset press

② the cooperation between beiren and GI company of the United States, first, gives full play to the manufacturing advantages of beiren, and second, gives full play to the service and technical advantages of GI company of the United States, so that beiren commercial wheel transfer machines are sold to the United States in batches

③ the cooperation between beiren and Fuji has enabled beiren and Fuji to develop into the first brand of table printing machine in China

④ beiren cooperates with Japanese TSK in the form of OEM, and makes use of beiren brand and sales network to quickly open the market of Japanese TSK products in China. At present, nearly 40 lines have been sold in China, with a total amount of more than 100million yuan

⑤ on April 15, 2005, beiren and Xiyan graphic Co., Ltd. of Japan held a signing ceremony for "technical and business cooperation" of newspaper printing press in Beijing. Beiren will use Japan's Xiyan technology to produce a printing press with a printing speed of 75000 newspapers per hour while maintaining the necessary performance of the car. Beiren75 medium-sized newspaper printing machine will fill the gap that China cannot produce 75000 pieces/hour medium-sized newspaper printing machine, and make China's newspaper printing machine reach the world level. According to the plan, it can be put into mass production within this year. 4. seeking transnational cooperation is the established strategic goal of beiren. After decades of development and technology accumulation, beiren has already had a solid foundation and strength. The outstanding performance of beiren300 and beiren200 four-color offset printers and post press equipment in the 2004 drupa international printing technology exhibition can fully illustrate this point. However, there is still a certain gap between beiren and the needs of the rapidly developing Chinese printing market. We hope that more foreign companies can cooperate with beiren, make use of foreign technical advantages, combine with beiren's strong local manufacturing advantages, and jointly provide customers with more competitive products to achieve mutual complementarity and win-win results. We will certainly get the result of 1+1 2

the strong economic growth since China's reform and opening up has brought huge business opportunities and a relaxed and harmonious environment to the printing market. China is the printing market with the greatest potential, the fastest development and the best prospect in the world, which provides greater development space for our mutual cooperation. At present, internationally renowned enterprises are negotiating joint ventures and cooperation with beiren

Author: zhuwuan

source: Xinhua Printing

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