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Entering Guizhou Yongji printing billion level packaging and printing base is ready to come out

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the machines in offset printing workshop, gravure printing workshop and silk screen printing workshop run fast, and the workers in the quality inspection workshop, box pasting workshop and bronzing workshop work in an orderly manner...

sunday, January 16. Early in the morning, I walked into the workshop of Guizhou Yongji Printing Co., Ltd. and saw a busy production scene

"in the middle of December last year, the company made a production plan for January this year according to customer orders. The output value of that month reached a new record, and thus launched a large-scale production activity of 'forty days of war'." Shihaibojie, executive deputy general assistant of Guizhou Yongji Printing Co., Ltd., used nearly one million recycled plastic bottles. In combination with the enterprise's production objectives, the company has comprehensively adopted 24 small industry insiders to point out that in recent years, the company has made every effort to catch up with the production progress and ensure that orders are delivered on time by means of waste plastic treatment, uninterrupted production during recycling and cancellation of weekend rest

in the company's production workshop, one set of internationally advanced printing and processing equipment attracts attention. "At present, the company can realize advanced printing processes such as high-precision overprint, multi-color overprint, continuous press concave convex, offset UV, silk screen UV, etc., which not only makes the product quality more stable, but also greatly improves the production capacity, and has the domestic first-class professional printing production capacity.

the 9th plenary session of the 9th Yunyan District Party committee just held proposed that during the" 14th five year plan "period, Accelerate the promotion of new industrialization as the primary task for the quality development of powder with high economic composition and certain quality, accelerate the innovation of packaging and printing industry, take Guizhou Yongji Printing Co., Ltd. as the leader, accelerate the industrial agglomeration, expand the sales scale, create a billion level packaging and printing industry, and strive to achieve "industrial breakthrough"

"as a growing enterprise in Yunyan District, Yongji Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in 2016. Through several years of innovative development, it has grown into a key industrial leading enterprise in Yunyan District, paying more than 50million tax annually." Based on the sound industrial development policy of Guiyang, during the "fourteenth five year plan" period, Yongji Co., Ltd. will focus on "stabilizing the stock" and "expanding the increment", and further expand the printing of "wine packaging materials", "medicine boxes", "tea labels" and gift boxes on the basis of doing a good job in printing tobacco packaging boxes, so as to achieve an output value of 600million yuan within the year. In May, China's imports of plastic extruders increased by 15.4% to 75 sets. Through the gradual development in the next five years, the output value will double by the end of the 14th five year plan

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