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On October 16, in Lianxi District, known as "Beijing jiuzhong town and Pohu pearl", the grand opening ceremony of pinai whole house customized flagship store was held in front of the store

on October 16, 2018, in Lianxi District, which is known as the "important town of Beijing and Kowloon and the Pearl of Pohu Lake", pinai's customized flagship store was grandly opened. A grand opening ceremony was held in front of the store, with arches in front of the store, lights and decorations in the store, and a festive and lively opening atmosphere everywhere

early that morning, many owners came to consult with pinai's brand and the strength of this super event. Discount and appreciation go together. While meeting your visual enjoyment and artistic edification, it also makes your home decoration look new and enjoys the happiness brought by original customization

the "heroic" preferential activities on the opening day: pinai launched its unique autumn cabinet, which was only sold for 6999 yuan/set, and the whole house home set meal (20 ㎡ modern simple style) was only sold for 16880 yuan/set, which excited the customers present and took advantage of the rare opportunity to place orders. Customers who successfully sign the bill can smash golden eggs, send LCD TVs, brand refrigerators, electric cookers, washing machines and other gifts

the shopping guide explains to customers that pinai whole house customization keeps pace with the times, takes the whole house furniture customization as the core, fully interprets the brand concept of "taste life, start with love", and brings a one-stop experience of "whole house customization + free scale design + real scene rendering + factory direct sales". Pinai's unique design system provides tens of thousands of design cases. Designers can provide multiple sets of creative schemes according to consumer needs, and complete the real scene rendering of the scheme within 48 hours, so as to easily realize "what you see is what you get", truly end the embarrassing situation of local customization in the past, and open the era of customized theme home

customers praise pinai's family for their professionalism and service. Customers also learn about home furnishing knowledge, and their love for pinai goes a step further. They recognize pinai's products and support pinai's brand

the opening discount is non-stop, and the signing is continuous! On the scene of the event that day, many owners immediately made decisions, locked in concessions, and got exquisite gifts. They returned with a full load and made a wise choice for their home! The consultants and designers of pinai home have won unanimous praise from customers for their warm and thoughtful service and working attitude

this opening activity is just the beginning. Pinai will continue to innovate, so that pinai home customization can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that every home can achieve feelings. Finally, I wish pinai Lianxi store in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province a prosperous business





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