Paint paint decoration traps, don't be greedy and

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Paint paint decoration traps, don't be greedy for cheap and suffer heavy losses

the new year is approaching, which is the season for the delivery of commercial housing. Compared with the real estate fever, people have paid more attention to the decoration fever recently. For owners, decoration is a big problem. Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of houses can be decorated. The decoration market is more hidden and deep-water than the real estate market. From the choice of decoration companies to wall materials to furniture, floors, kitchenware, bathroom, every link must be sloppy. Take the coating industry for example, with the endless emergence of new technologies and new products, the competition in the industry is gradually intensifying, and the tricks of some bad businesses are also advancing by leaps and bounds. In the face of a dazzling array of decoration coatings on the market, which are difficult to distinguish between true and false, owners are cautious and have many comparisons. What should owners pay attention to in the selection of decoration coatings

industry insiders suggest that when purchasing paint, consider the following aspects:

first of all, coatings with high brand awareness and large advertising investment should be considered. This kind of coating pays more attention to the reputation, and the quality is guaranteed. Consumers are also more comfortable to use, such as Dulux, Nippon, etc

secondly, we should focus on understanding the strength of coating companies. For example, AkzoNobel, the largest seller in the global coating industry, successfully acquired Imperial Chemical Industries (the top three coating companies in the world) in 2007 and closed the Dulux brand in its pocket, making its hegemony in the coating industry solid. In addition, another trump card of Aksu company: the well-known European paint brand "Laiwei paint" also has a big background. Laiwei paint was founded in Belgium in 1831. It is known as the Royal paint. At present, it has been the top brand in Europe for a century. It integrates exquisite European technology and the environmental protection concept of "creating an environmental protection space and caring for a healthy life". It has established a unique high-end brand image in the market and is known as a coating brand with excellent quality

thirdly, try to buy paint in specialty stores or large shopping malls, and pay attention to distinguish the good from the bad from the packaging; Pay attention to whether the paint meets environmental protection standards; Do not buy fake paint or low-quality paint for the sake of cheapness

finally, don't forget to look at the shelf life of the product and try to choose a coating that is longer from the expiration date

although the owners will take the initiative to collect decoration knowledge through the network and data before decoration, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false of the decoration paint market, and the good and the bad are mixed, so when choosing decoration paint, the owners must choose carefully, keep a clear mind, and comprehensively investigate from the aspects of brand popularity, company strength, environmental protection, quality, reputation, etc. After all, decorating a house is not a trivial matter. If you encounter rework, it is very troublesome





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