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Home contains the preferences and personalities of two people. For small couples, how happy it is to have their own home arranged by themselves. Osley wallcovering, wish lovers a lifetime of white heads

five years ago, the "see you on Monday" incident triggered a heated discussion on the whole network, and the article was derailed. Ma Yili's sentence "love is easy, marriage is not easy, and it's OK and cherish" resolved a crisis in marriage

the day before yesterday, the article posted a microblog, saying "I love Yi, I'm halfway with you, I'm two wide, and the rest of my life is long, and I'm still waiting for my family."

then Ma Yili said, "you and I have loved deeply, worked hard, and achieved each other. This feeling is felt, but there is no right or wrong. In the future, everyone will be happy."

11 years later, the two divorced after all

from the incomparable love, to "do and cherish", to the current "one don't two wide", "love" to "don't love", the simple two words can't tell the ups and downs of 11 years of marriage

as Ma Yili said, "love is easy, marriage is not easy", marriage, a word of "love" is far from enough, care, love, responsibility, communication, running a small family, involves every bit of life

love is the prelude to marriage

the pace of life, from acquaintance, acquaintance, love, to entering the palace of marriage together, hand in hand for life, that is the envy of perfection

ask what love is in the world, and teach people to live and die together

love always has a desperate moth like longing and pursuit. We are willing to be obsessed with it, and we are willing to pay for it without asking for return...

a loving marriage can support, tolerate and care for each other after the freshness and attraction fade, so that happiness can be extended indefinitely

heart is the main melody of marriage

when we are in love, maybe we can ask for no return, but in marriage, unilateral pay without return is never long-term

daily necessities, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, every bit of life needs the joint efforts of husband and wife

care for and love each other. I support your decision. You tolerate my willfulness and occasionally decorate some romantic small happiness, so that happiness can permeate into life and keep love fresh longer

home is the accompaniment of marriage

two people form a small family. They always hope to have a shelter, warm and elegant place to carry all love and growth. This place is home

home contains the preferences and personalities of two people. For small couples, how happy it is to have their own home arranged by themselves

oshilai wall cloth

wish lovers a lifetime

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

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